Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The 8 Good Vibe Sprays are both aromas for enjoyment and emotional well being! The sprays are perfect as natural perfumes and they dont have the cloying effect of synthetic products. Apply the Good Vibe Sprays by misting around the body or any room as desired to create a mood or ambiance. Wear these for their unique, exquisite and delicate fragrance. They are a pleasure to use as well as being a healing tool that changes the resonance around you. For healing, their action can be profound and they are a perfect complement to our tree flower essence for oral consumption. A team of women tested the fragrances for each spray. Only when there were sighs of delight and enjoyment were we certain that a fragrance was perfect. Like each of our essences, the sprays are handcrafted with love and care, giving them that something extra not found in assembly line products. BEAUTY INSIDE OUT SPRAY The title Beauty Inside Out tells it all! This spray is sister to our Body Image and Weight Control Essence. They both complement each other. This spray has a gentle citrusy aroma that is so pleasant and uplifting to wear. It will help you regain confidence in yourself and let your beauty! Simply mist around your body or in your room to benefit. We can wear the Beauty Inside Out Mist just for enjoyment but it also has a positive impact on our emotional well being! It is helpful when we may be experiencing such feelings as lack of confidence, doubt and self-judgment. Like the Body Image and Weight Control Essence, the Beauty Inside Out Spray also helps us face emotions around self-image, appearance and weight issues. The essence touches insecurities about personal appearance, low self-esteem, unconscious eating patterns including obsessive eating, extremes of binging and self-deprivation, feelings of lack and of inadequacy. Sometimes lack of self-confidence may manifest in these self-denying behaviors or patterns such as overeating or binging. We may find ourselves eating to deal with stress, to cover up feelings and hide beneath extra weight. We may become lazy and inactive, resisting exercise and activity. If we feel bad about how we look we can even avoid company or going out. The Beauty Inside Outside Spray along with the Body Image and Weight Control Essence work together to bring more consciousness to the above self-denying patterns and behaviors. Their nurturing energies help us begin to make positive changes. We may take up yoga or swimming, find ourselves both motivated and enjoying going for walksWe may begin to eat better. And, as we begin to feel better about ourselves, more confidence arises We enter into a positive cycle All the Good Vibe Sprays are used externally to mist the body and around a physical space. They are gentle and safe, but avoid spraying them in the eyes. The Good Vibe Sprays are a great gift for a friend and can be a fun way to introduce them to the benefits of vibration energy healing . Use the Good Vibe Sprays as often as you like. By fusing vibration essences and essential oils we have created some of the finest and most enjoyable natural sprays in the world! To learn more about the healing power of trees and to try our 8 Top Good Vibe Sprays and tree flower essences visit us at To your clear and shining aura! Namast, Celine Cloutier (aka Ma Sunder Gulabo) Email: [email protected] 相关的主题文章: