[Beijing] [] activity devil’s dinner, please enjoy the Sohu and Halloween is on October 31st, refused to stern and square! On this day, the Maksim restaurant in Beijing hand in hand three grams of film, held a Halloween theme movie dinner, with food and movies, the festive atmosphere up! Beijing Maksim is not short of the aristocratic temperament of Paris, France, there are literary feelings, more classic delicious. From 1983 through the Maksim restaurant, always retains the traditional taste of authentic French cuisine, constitutes the first impression on the Chinese tongue in france. On the day of the event, Maksim prepared two theme dinner packages [599RMB Halloween A package], [699RMB Halloween B package], any point of a package plus a dollar can buy soft drink water cup. That evening to participate in the theme of the dinner guests, can personally create a special Halloween Pumpkin lanterns. Service personnel in various incarnations "demons and ghosts", see the demon send you please don’t refuse delicacy. In 1983, located in Beijing Chongwen West Street No. 2 Beijing Maksim restaurant officially opened. Interior decoration of restaurant is almost entirely modeled on the Paris headquarters, classical murals on the walls of gold rattan pattern, maple leaf chandelier and wall lamp, chestnut thick color stained glass windows, friction from Le Louvre museum…… As if in a French palace in nineteenth Century. The flickering candlelight, the delicate fragrance of warm yellow roses, attractive French delicacy, made popular in the world, director, actor actress linger, helped the Chinese and foreign artists, designers find inspiration, was a rock youth land of idyllic beauty. Maksim’s Halloween, color aroma and taste of French cuisine, with the bizarre story of the movie. In October 31st, here had a taste of Halloween, delicacy and film, meet all of your senses! Can you resist the temptation of the devil? This day the most "ghost"! Wearing the usual "outlandish Costume", dare not draw a strange makeup, dressed as a ghost kid, the heart of our practical joke funny naughty fun! If you play a play, I will leave you for "funny" photos, love can get their photos taken. Activity time: October 31st 17:30, 22:00 movie time: October 31st 19:00 fee: Halloween A packages: 599 yuan P Halloween B packages: 699 yuan P (take you any packages plus one yuan can buy a soft drink a cup of water) Rules: no no. into the base address: Beijing City, Dongcheng District Chongwen West Street No. 2 Chongwenmen Tel: 010-65121992 2 floor hotel restaurant reception number: 40, 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours the delicacy (zui.ms) leading the catering industry into the high end dining set a key sharing economy! Free beta first! Search for the most delicious membership card (zui_ms_ka)相关的主题文章: