It is true that leading a fit and healthy life today, has be.e a myth. The hectic work schedule of 21st century nearly drains all our strength by the end of the day, leaving us to lie down in our cozy beds and dozing off to a sound sleep. But it is very essential to maintain a strong body and sound mind to survive the daily stress we go through. The best way to lead a healthy life is not only eating right, taking an ample amount of sleep but also exercising daily at least an hour. There are arrays of exercises that can be taken up to get that slim, sleek and toned body type. But it is essential to know which exercise will help you get in that perfect shape sooner and with fewer efforts involved. One such way of getting into your old pants is by exercising using dumbbells. These are the most .mon exercise equipment found in gyms all across the globe as well as are one of the most popular options for those training at home. Benefits of using Dumbbell:- – It eradicates strength imbalances and helps stabilizing muscles. – Its .pact nature makes it a good choice for dynamic and power-based movements. – One can perform various .binations of unilateral and bilateral movements. – It is far better to exercise with dumbbells rather than exercising on heavy gym type machines. Although there are a wide range of dumbbell exercises that can be taken up, here are a few easy yet effect exercises that you can easily perform using this effective exercise equipment. * Dumbbell Bench Press This is one of the ideal exercises you can do easily. Though it requires access to a flat bench, it targets pectoral muscles, triceps and front shoulders at the same time. * Alternate Biceps Curl It is yet another classic dumbbell exercise that can be taken up. The main benefit of this exercise is to strengthen biceps muscles as well as forearms. * Shoulder Press This exercise can be done by raising dumbbells above your shoulders either together or alternately. It is an excellent upper body exercise and targets shoulder muscles primarily. * Triceps Kickback Like biceps curl is to building biceps, similarly triceps kickback is to strengthening triceps. * Lateral Raise This is one of the best exercises to target your shoulder muscles, specifically outer deltoid muscles. * Upright Row It is easy to perform upright row exercise and can be very effective in targeting the rear area if shoulder muscles. * Bent Press Mainly done to develop true multi-planar strength. It is easy to perform and much effective in nature. * Toe raise Targets the muscles located in the lower legs, this is the calf muscles. * Renegade Row with Rotation Last but not the least, renegade row with rotation is a quintessential exercise. It is known as the killer version of conventional push up position as it requires shoulder muscles, calf muscles and torso to work at the same time pressing weight over the dumbbells and relaxing the muscles all across the three regions. Having learnt about so many exercises from just equipment, as well as about their benefits, take some time out from your busy hectic schedule and aim for that flawless fine, slim and toned body you had always longed for. Well-equipped Gym And Fitness Equipment"��s For A Better Gyming Experience By: Harendra Kumar Choudhary – Around the globe there are endless number of gym centers that are beautifully furnished and equipped with various kinds of fitness machines and equipments. 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