Business Sensi Seed Bank produces harvests that are some of the finest in the cannabis genetics. It has been over almost 20 years since the .pany started to collect and preserve seeds, and thereafter, began a series of interbreeding crossing some of the most powerful, exotic and definitely some of the most interesting cannabis strains, not only from one single location, but from a variety of locations the world over. Hence, the collection that Sensi has built up over the years can be said to be one of the most absolute and inclusive among all the cannabis seed banks all over the world and has been able to assimilate a .plete collection of marijuana strains. Sensi Seed Bank is the most decorated among all other cannabis seed banks, having won so many awards and .petitions held throughout the world. The .pany has the rare distinction of having won the most number of first prizes and also the highest number Cannabis Cup than any other seed bank in history, ever since the inception of the .petition. Sensi Seeds’ Big Buds has had a long standing fame and the rare distinction of being a cannabis strain that produces some of the maximum yields among all other plants. The fact that might not be known to all is that its high percentage of Indica has gone through different phases of refinement and its quality has improved at a steady for many years. The earliest development of the Big Bud was in the United States of America. Later on, the seeds were brought to The Netherlands, in the middle of the 1980’s, in an attempt to seek political asylum in the country. With the increase of intensity on the War on Drugs, the breeders from the United States of America, who had devoted many years of their lives in studying, researching and working on the strains of marijuana, feared that all their efforts will go to waste unless they were able to find a safe place to continue their research. The Big Bud is among the most popular and most decorated strains of cannabis and the reason behind this is the huge monster buds, having a thick covering of fat resin glands. The strain has broken almost every record when it .es to its yield. Even the growers who have been in the business for a very long time tend to be very surprised by the amazing yield and the herbs of the quality that the Big Bud produces. The trick to keep the plant in proper shape is to tie up the branches that are present at the bottom of the plant because they tend to break under the plant’s tremendous weight. It is typically an Indica hybrid, with the period for flowering ranging between 50-60 days. It varies in height from a very moderate 110cm to 150cm and yields nearly up to 150g. The plant is typically characterized by its characteristic big buds and even a lay man would be able to recognize it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: