BITAUTO double eleven opening 500 million subsidies a Car Buying most "benefits" opportunity – Beijing, Beijing, October 25, today, BITAUTO "double eleven Car Buying Carnival officially launched its warm-up page, easy car car business platform Hui, Hui car and Xinyi finance, easy car used car business sector across the board. This year eleven, easy car to a total of 500 million yuan subsidy Car Buying again to refresh the record industry, multi platform release of massive red, rich and live, a brand promotion activity of Yuan drive innovation, will bring the price and service double protection for users to create the most benefits Car Buying opportunity. The Car Buying Festival, BITAUTO will join the FAW, FAW Pentium, Tianjin FAW, FAW Jilin, FAW TOYOTA, FAW – Volkswagen, Volkswagen, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Renault and Dongfeng Yulon Na Zhijie, Dongfeng Nissan, BYD, Changan automobile nearly 100 car brand, launched the half price car, car, explosion Car Buying Car Buying million yuan subsidies, gifts and vouchers, preferential financial schemes such as multiple promotions, meet the needs of different users. On the benefits of buying a car, Car Buying users get up to nearly 5000 yuan package, replacement car users can also enjoy 2000 yuan cash subsidies. In the car used car to buy second-hand car, the user can get the highest 5000 yuan package, loans will receive a $1500 worth of warranty. It is reported that the FAW TOYOTA RAV4, Reynolds Rong new generation section I, Pentium B50, Pentium X80 six half price car, SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan, FAW TOYOTA corolla, Changan CS75 and many other car explosion and one test drive will also be on the line, buy the user support burst models pay 99 yuan deposit to enjoy manufacturers to provide value ranging from Car Buying vouchers and BITAUTO provide Car Buying subsidies; online users only pay 1 yuan, you can 4S to the next line store test and receive a gift. This year eleven, the car will also work with the network broadcast platform "6 rooms" cooperation, carry out online auditions, "BITAUTO baby" winning "BITAUTO baby" will be broadcast from November 1st to November 11th related models, car show charm to vivid and interactive way, users can also watch live side Car Buying. Professional service team line has been the difference BITAUTO unique competitive advantage. This year, the original car team in providing professional advice, find the price, to accompany the shop service projects, will add auto finance, insurance and other services for the project, the existing loan consultant team plus, this year eleven, there will be a whole team of service Car Buying users more than a thousand lines of the car, allowing users to really stop rest assured Car Buying type. In particular, BITAUTO also integrated the resources of hundreds of banks, financial institutions, providing a new car loan, second-hand car loans, owner loans, car rental, car insurance and other financial products for the massive users, will greatly satisfy the user’s demand for funds Car Buying. As the car’s electric active practitioner, BITAUTO continued construction of the automobile electricity supplier business infrastructure, improve the eco car electricity supplier. Professional line’s service team, into the normalization of Internet business platform gene auto finance services, mature, positive evaluation by the upstream car manufacturers, car dealers, users are more Car Buying.相关的主题文章: