Internet-and-Business-Online Would you think that a WordPress Manager Software can bring the best of WordPress into your blogs? But before anything else, a small background information about a WordPress Manager : What is it and how can you make use of it? In case you don’t know yet, a WordPress Manager is basically a blog network management program that contains some great features including domain management, content management, as well as some very .prehensive statistics viewer for traffic and sales results. In other words, it has everything you would ever need to help you handle multiple blogs conveniently in one central location. Learning how to use a WordPress Manager is also easy since it’s designed to be user-friendly and has all of the information for its functions already laid out in all of the menus. There’s also one other thing that you need to take note of, and that is this; if you have some worry over memorizing a lot of usernames and passwords for your blogs, relax.…, because the program’s one-click login feature instantly allows you to access all of your blog’s dashboards once you’ve already logged in to the WordPress Manager. Now, I mentioned earlier that you could bring the best of WordPress into your blogs and what I meant with that is that you can actually provide the same level of customizability that you have for one blog and bring it to all of your blogs. Now here are two main reasons that causes all that and what would be : 1. The Capacity to Upload Customized WordPress Themes and Plugins Through a WordPress Manager, you’ll be able to upload all of the customized WordPress themes that you love and all of the plugins that you use with those themes. You can then save all of your settings for those themes into a master profile. This profile ultimately acts as a template for your current blogs and also for possible future blogs/sites that you might be making in the future. 2. Automatic Installation Being able to upload all of your favorite themes and plugins would be very useless if you couldn’t install them, right? Well, you won’t have to worry about that because a WordPress Manager will automatically install all of those themes and plugins for you to your blogs. If you happen to save a master blog profile and you decide to create a new blog, the theme as well as the plugins that you’ve set for that particular profile are automatically installed as well. This get rids of a lot of hassle on your end and allows you to put more time into other activities. And so, with all of these great features available for you, why not try using a WordPress Manager to start bringing the best of WordPress to your WordPress blogs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: