Crafts-Hobbies I visited Costa Rica and did a lot of horseback riding there. Costa Rica has the boniest, most pathetic looking horses I have ever seen. I actually felt sorry for them trying to carry me and my family. Glue factories .e to my mind when I look at them. In fact, my horse actually passed out while I was riding it. He had just carried me up a big hill. After he got us to the top, he walked over to the ledge of a 60 foot cliff and fainted. He fell right off the cliff with me on him. My family watched in amazement as me and my horse disappeared over the edge. Fortunately for me, I landed about 20 feet down on the steep hill with my face in the dirt and a very nice hoof print on the back of my thigh where he stepped on me as he tumbled over me and all the way down to the bottom. The Lord surely gave his angels charge over me that day. We both survived but we were pretty shook up. It really gave me an appreciation for what we have here in the United States. Our horses are so beautiful. Whenever you mention horse country in the United States, most people think of places like Kentucky and Virginia. Dont tell anyone this little secret but the most beautiful horses and most beautiful rolling hills and horse country are in north Georgia. If that is hard for you to believe, then you have probably never driven through Cherokee County, Georgia. It is a huge county where the heavenly scenery never stops and you never get tired of watching the most beautiful, graceful horses. People here are serious about their horses too. The stables are seriously nice and they are everywhere. I have never shopped for a horse but I know the horses around here are not cheap. Sir Winston Churchill once said, "There’s something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a man". There is something so beautiful and majestic about these creatures that you just want to grab hold of them and take them home with you. And thanks to super-realistic details with Breyer horses, you can do that! Toy horse models capture the beauty of your favorite breeds so you can keep them with you at home or work. Today hand-painted, realistic Breyer horses are available in a huge selection. My favorite breed is the blond haired Palomino but Breyer has just about every breed available. But there is another reason why Breyer horses are the finest toy horse gifts. They have be.e valuable collectors items. Rare model horse toys in good condition are worth a lot more than most real horses. This is a serious hobby and a lot of fun too! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: