Britain and France and Russia each country inventory of the first car 130 years ago, Carle · Benz invented the automobile, now the car has become an indispensable means of transport. Looking back in history, in the world car family, what is each country’s first car? Let us through this article to understand it. German Benz: 1886 No. 1 "Benz" No. 1 "patent, patent No. 37435" Carle Benz · at the end of 1885, successfully developed the prototype of "modern car Benz No. 1", and in January 29, 1886, successfully applied for the car’s patent in the German imperial patent office, this day was also recognized as the car’s birthday. Benz No. 1 is a rear drive car, power system is equipped with a displacement of 1.0L single cylinder four stroke engine, maximum power of 0.8 horsepower, maximum speed of 16km H. The car is not only the first car in Germany, but also opened the history of the development of the world automobile. In March 8, 1886, Gottlieb · and William · Daimler assistant; Maybach will be the four stroke gasoline engine they jointly developed in a four round of carriage, the engine displacement of 0.5L, maximum power of 1.1 horsepower, depending on the belt drive, the highest speed is 16km h, the car has become the world’s first round of four the car. Daimler named the car Daimler 1, and gave it to his wife, Emma Kunz, as a birthday present. France: 1890 – Panhard & Levassor1887 Rene and Emile Panhard, the French Levassor established a panhard & Saul Leyva automobile company. In 1890, panhard & Saul Leyva company won the assembly; Gottlieb · in France; Daimler gasoline engine license. The same year, panhard & Saul Leyva; the Daimler engine, making the history of France the first gasoline powered cars, the car uses a mid engine layout. At the same time, Armand · Peugeot by panhard & Saul Leyva; purchased Daimler engine, and the use of the maximum power of 2 horsepower 0.6L double cylinder engine in 1890 to create the Peugeot brand’s first gasoline powered cars Type 2. The car uses a rear drive layout, body length and width of 2300mm×, 1350mm×, 1450mm, wheelbase 1400mm, the maximum speed can reach 18km H. Peugeot has been using the Daimler motor until the Peugeot car company was founded in 1896. The UK: 1892 Bremer British car manufacturing history began in 1892, German immigrants Frederick Bremer made William the first car powered by internal-combustion engine car, and used his last name as the name of the car. In 1912, Breme.相关的主题文章: