UnCategorized Today if one were to talk about Zion, many would shudder. For attached to Zion is the Jewish concept of a nation called Israel where they would reign the nations from. They would do this with the Lord God of Israel helping. Christians as well have this Zionist theology. Some believers see the Jewish concept of Zion the same as theirs. This article is neither about the Jewish or Christian Zion. It is about the American Zion. That place which formed in the hearts of Masonic men when this nation was founded. The nation that was founded and called America, was always destined to be a special place. For those who manufactured this concept, a plan was developed. It called for a pseudo-religious base with freedoms underpinning the early nation. It would be deistic in theology and gnostic in practics. This would serve their interests. They would run the nation and ac.plish their goals under the radar of this religious base. What they did not expect to happen was the early Puritans and other groups who came here with a real belief and experience. The phrase is born again. These early Christians, were really believers and followed the Lord with a pure heart. Although, there were troubles, the religious fixture in America took root. Today, we still have these two forces. One is creating a Zion in America, the other is seeking a city whose builder and maker is God. One is a gnostic, the knowledge seeker. The other is a born again believer with knowledge of the Most High God. Then we also have those who dont believe in either of these things. The issues get confused again and again. For many believers Gnostic belief is not understood. Some early believers followed this heresy. For them, the seeking of higher knowledge out side of The Lord was the goal. They believed in Christ, but to them it was a Christ spirit. They clearly could not understand with the mind what the heart accepted by faith. That Christ Jesus was both man and God. So they developed the Gnostic belief to explain this. This Christ spirit came and went out of Jesus Christ, they believed. It came after Christ was born. Then left when he died on the cross. Then came back to resurrect the body and ascend to heaven. Since then, many Gnostics have believed this Christ Spirit is the same one in Buddha, Mohammed , Ghandi, and other men who they feel were like Jesus. The New Age movement is about this same thing. Developing this Christ spirit in men and women everywhere. The early apostles battled this heresy as it took root in the early stages of the church. The Gnostics believed that knowledge was the key. That if Christ got knowledge from God, they could as well. Gnostics would seek knowledge in the regions of the supernatural. I call this the meta physical. They believed that angels, watchers, and even demons could impart knowledge to them so they could be as Christ. This is where the idea of man being a god came from. Straight from those who thought they could develop this as Christ did. Thus be.ing a God. So too, the early Masons had the knowledge idea. They formed the nation and its principles with the idea of a perfect society based on knowledge. Knowledge gained from past civilizations. From Egypt, Solomon, Kabbala, Witchcraft, and other sources this was gathered. Today, the nation of America stands as a superpower. But it is quite short of what we would call a perfect society. It also has drifted from the original constitutional republic to what is deemed a democracy. In addition, Zionist America will be turned into the New World Order as it proceeds with the early ideals of those who created it. For people today who have known the America of our forefathers, it no longer exists. That America today is gone. The Zionist, New World order is in charge today. Its agenda is world domination. Its tool, knowledge and power. The building of this empire has seen cracks in its foundation which have been appearing for a long time. Many thought the end result would put this Zionist America at the top. Instead, it will be swallowed up in the New World Order. The goal was never to rule the world by one nation alone called America. But to rule the world, through a New World Order, that is by a system of Government run by elitists who by knowledge and power have the final say in all things. In the end, the concept of this knowledge of a new perfect man-made order will be ruled by the son of perdition. Before he does this, many things will happen in America. The end result will be, the America as you have known it will cease to exist. I have said that phrase many times in the past, going back all my life. I have known this. I knew the time would .e as this. It is almost here. This Zionist America, that men have clamored for, has caused many problems. There are leaders today who see this as a white Judeo Christian nation. That all our problems stem from the white man oppressing the colored peoples of all nations. One who foments this view is a staunch bigot himself, although he is black, he is a bigot, none-the-less. His name is Louis Farakhan. In a recent speech before the Navajo nation he urged people of color worldwide to .e together, adding that uniting of people of color would outnumber white people 11 million to 1 million. This is just one small .ment on Farakhans radar quotes that foment white hatred and colored supremacy. God created men of all colors to be brothers in Christ. Since blacks cannot overthrow the whites by themselves, he is pushing a cross-cultural agenda. Now, I am neither racist, nor a Zionist. I am looking for a city, however, whose builder and maker is God. His home will be Zion. This Zion will not be a tarnished man-made city full of sin and debauchery. It will be adorned as a bride for her husband and will descend from heaven to the earth [see Revelation]. Many Christians, though think of Jerusalem, Israel, and even the USA as Zion. Zionist America is a term I use for those who are putting together this man made society built on knowledge. For them, a perfect working society will be achievable. The problem, too many problems. Oh, yes, another problem, man is imperfect. He will never create that perfect Utopian society. While facing many obstacles, this agenda to create Zion is on track. For them putting America as you and I have known it into the framework of the New World Order is first. There is already the formation of the North American Federation. You might have heard of it. Put together with the Council on Foreign Relations help, the advisory board created the idea. Among the ideas would be to create a new currency called the Amero replacing the dollar. Next they would erase all borders between the USA, Canada, and Mexico. They would impose a supervisory board with power to overrule national sovereignty. There would be free access of citizenry, trucks, and imports between all nations. The people of Canada and Mexico would also be put on our Social Security system with all its rights. There would also be large amounts of money pumped into Mexico to build it up. All the while, America is sinking in debt. Especially the middle class. By the time it is done, Mr and Mrs middle class will be gone. America bankrupt, and bought out by this New Agenda. It is also suggested that the rights and freedoms you and I cherish would be lost. This new federation would also, according to some, fall inline with global governance. This includes the dissolution of state sovereignty. There are many more aspects to this. I suggest you go to the cfr.org website for more information. As those in charge proceed, Zionist America and Building up the New World Order will be seen as a triumph for men. When it is ac.plished Zion will be ruled by men and not God. Zion will be that place of power, where just as Satan wanted to ascend to the Most High God and rule, men will try to duplicate. For them with enough knowledge, man can do anything he wants to. With enough knowlege, men can be as Gods. They can rule those who have no knowledge. This will be a place where selfish, power hungry men will serve one power mad person called the ‘son of perdition’. Within this framework, mans final Utopia will be created. Call it Zion, the New World Order, or Utopia. Whatever you call it, it will use men and suppress people. It will be totally evil in its creation and goal. This is .ing, and America will be swallowed up whole within it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: