Passion, Romance, Freedom, Desire, Truth, Style, New, Timeless, Fortune, Fame The Music Industry! Made up of some of the most immortal beings in memory. So who are these people that get credited with being largely responsible for the paths – we take in our lives? Who are these super humans that get to live amongst the stars; the ones that always land on their feet? Well, simply put you & me! The part of you & me that refuses to die! The part of you & me that sees the big picture that we painted! You’re the superstar, the genius, the inventor, the creator, the entrepreneur, the team player, the behind the seens backbone of ourselves and others. So how is it done? Never Quit! Make the right moves! Do them right the 1st time! Don’t leave it up to chance! Don’t be blinded by the light! Force yourself to succeed! All of the above is obvious; anyone can tell. But one of the most important parts of success in the music industry is BE SURE! The real question is not the above "how is it done?" The real question is How does it start? Ok so you love the "thought" of being in music, no matter what aspect of the industry; artist, producer, manager, lawyer, etc. But are you sure? Can you say yes I know for a fact (blank) career in the music industry is for me. I love the fact, I can make this much money, I love the fact, that I can work with these types of people. I love the fact that I this and that, and so on and so forth. Or are you still at: I love the thought of making this much money, I love the thought of working with these people; I love the thought of this and the thought of that. Question: what if you were standing in front of a record executive right know, with your current knowledge of the industry and the executive asks What do you want from a future career in (blank)? A. Oh, I want money mister or misses’ record executive. Q. How much money, person who love thoughts? Reality: Is your answer something like Well I don’t know because I don’t know how much to expect but I know I want a lot. No! Those that research and gain experience, and manifest facts, and never quit make a lot of, (or all of) what they know to expect. You love the thought of becoming. Please do your own mind, body & soul your family and friends and your future a huge favor. Research your destiny, first! Be sure you’re on the right path. Learn what to expect and what to accomplish! Then! Love the thought of starting and actually doing and succeeding and remaining a success. Again, this is basically common sense. But common sense isn’t always that common. Force it to be! Be sure! What facts (!) do you know about your potential Careers In The Music Industry? About the Author: Dave Weston is a music industry entrepreneur, song writer and music artist affiliate. He is also the author of the Insider Music Careers Guide. You can learn more about music industry careers at Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Careers-Employment 相关的主题文章: