Chainsmoker band VMA live performances called arrhythmias other artists lip synching band MTV live performances called arrhythmias smoker other artists Sina entertainment news synching Beijing on September 18th news, according to foreign media reports, this year just popular new band "smoker" (The Chainsmokers) has just participated on the end of the month at the American Music Awards MTV. As the performance of the ceremony guests, their performance on the stage is not satisfactory. The day before, they said in an interview that the reason is the bad effect of live performances because they are singing, and other musicians in the basic "based on the mouth". The local time on the evening of August 28th, the band smokers participated in the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony held at Madison Square Garden. The day before, two members, 26 year old smoker band Andrew Taggart (Andrew Taggart) and 31 year old Arrakis – Pohl (Alex Pall) in an interview with Billboard magazine spoke shortly before the bad performance. "The show sounds like shit," Taggart talked about his singing hits "Closer" said, "we were told that my voice will be mixing, but the scene did not sound, that show version than usual radio broadcast the single voice to sing like that, I will not an accident." Taggart also puliao said: "almost every other performances at the MTV awards of the guests were in the mouth, we pay attention to this point. Now I know why they do it." Although the bad performance with awards in this year’s American MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, chainsmoker band still topped the list in the billboard Hot 100 singles chart, the hit singles "Closer" to continue to lead them. At the same time, the top single sales in the United States has exceeded double platinum. (KFCMAN)相关的主题文章: