Children should play electronic games – Sohu mother I would like to say, the network and the game is good stuff, we can not go to extremes that he is not good, can not see the shortcomings, so I take this two point view is: one view: children had better not play computer games, harmful any game can play, but need to have rules, create more educational value from a simple game, let the children get benefit, family benefit. Video games are a kind of game, but the game uses a more vivid and more convenient way to show the characteristics of the children prefer. Any kind of behavior has its advantages will have its weaknesses, electronic game learning can let children usually learn in school knowledge, Electronic Games history can also let the children play in the process of the school to the related knowledge of history. The advantage of electronic games, its weakness is mainly reflected in the children once in the electronic game, control the game time is weakened, and the long time in the closed independent game time, reducing the natural contact with the outside world, which hindered the development of social ability. First, video games need to be selected. Parents can choose to play video games to ensure the health of the game and to find some video games that provide learning opportunities. Second, play with children. Parents can join the game process, both to understand the specific circumstances of the game and can enhance the feelings between children. To some extent, it can make up for the children to play games and reduce the chance of contact with others. Finally, any kind of game needs rules, not just video games. Children usually do not have more than 45 minutes of video games a day, and they also need a break in the middle. So, these rules are the child before starting the game or is required to determine before the purchase of related equipment, if it is related to the content and history of the game, can also take the opportunity to buy some books, stimulate children’s interest in reading. Warm tip: common to children love video games we convey two messages, one is the need to increase their life rich and colorful content rather than a single repeat, another is that we now lack of social children let the children can only find a social satisfaction in "electronic equipment". The children love video games because their individual needs, we should create more opportunities to meet the psychological needs of children’s growth, rather than simply let the game become the scapegoat for our electronic failure "". Point two: children online, more harm than good, and resolutely oppose the children now, it is impossible for them to grow out of the network environment. Primary school students have homework on the Internet to find information, and more information sources are from the network, after more job submission, the school will also use the Internet to complete the application. The Internet has changed people’s way of life, since adults are unable to avoid such a change, how can a simple objection to the children online? Since the current Internet appears more harm than good, so we need相关的主题文章: