Chill, please use cold water to wash the baby! Sohu in Beijing maternal and child – recently, a private bilingual boarding primary school as the research activities on nutritional status. During the tracking data, give me the deepest feelings, not nutrition catering to the strict selection and execution, and the school for children of "cold education". Get up at 5 in the morning, half an hour during the wash time, wash all out of the cold water tap water pipe, is also said to this winter. Bath in the evening, under the conditions allowed, it is recommended to use a little lower than the temperature of the water to stimulate the skin after the bath. Swimming lessons two times a week, swimming pool water temperature in winter 22-26. Oh, is not that sounds feel cold goose bumps? 5:30 to the playground laps. Autumn morning in Beijing, the forecast night temperature of 2 degrees, a lot of children outside only online clothing line Pants Set uniform came out running, most of the uniform outside the set of a vest. Life teachers do not have special intervention. About half an hour later, the majority of children have been slightly sweating forehead. For this, I am in charge of the business of the school leaders, some parents conducted in-depth communication. As the leader of the school, to be more human factors into consideration, we put aside other factors, school and doctor read some data to me. (due to confidentiality agreements, no further details can be published.) After the morning exercise and cold water wash, the second winter children’s cold cough illness rate decreased significantly, while some maintain a wait-and-see attitude of parents is gradually recognized and joined the "cold education" in the team. Campus records over the years, but also a strong proof of the "cold education" to enhance the physical fitness of children. A long time ago, I once saw a similar "cold education" in Japanese kindergarten, then out to do the discussion of the case, most parents still have China hesitation and the attitude of refusal, or said: even if the parents agree, from home and all the pressure will make it difficult to perform. Now, very surprised to find that, in fact, we can do. China’s generation of parents, has gradually realized and adjusted more suitable for our parenting style. This positive thinking and improvement of behavior, but also in the process of recording my own more and more obvious feelings of joy. If you are a parent, to nurture a healthy baby hold "adapt to the natural environment, and actively play children boil bones" concept, if you do not get up at 5 in the morning with children doing morning exercises. So, cold water wash your face is the first way to change the parenting thinking. We know that it’s good to change ourselves, and we know that this is the right thing to do! I will put some of the work experience and experience here. Welcome to the attention of parents! [introduction] mother Rayman international registered dietitian, national two counselors. Rayman founder of the mother’s club, a number of national children’s nutrition organizations, parenting magazines and media nutrition experts,!相关的主题文章: