China five famous Buddhist temple – tourism Sohu – Xuedou Xuedou temple, the temple is located in the "Xuedou Zi Sheng, a show of Siming" Xuedou mountain heart. It Hajime in the Jin Dynasty, the rise in the Tang Dynasty, the peak in the two Song Dynasty, Su Xuedou Temple by Zen hold flag, he generation award, granted as "one of the Southern Song Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty Wushan ten brake" included in the "world is one of ten branches of the Republic of China, Zen Temple" was among the "one of the five famous Buddhist mountains". According to records, Xuedou temple in Shanxi, Chong Hing in the Tang, Song Sheng, has been 1700 years of history, is one of the world’s ten Zen. President Chinese Buddhist Taixu and Chinese Buddhist Association Zhao Puchu have been identified, Fenghua Xuedou mountain as the holy land of Maitreya, and Putuo, five Taiwan, Jiuhua, Emei, collectively referred to as "China five famous Buddhist mountains". Xuedou Temple grand scale, Fangong deep, covers an area of 85847.4 square meters, the existing building area of 19873.4 square meters. According to the central axis from outside, followed by the gate, Free Life Pond, Zhaobi, king hall, Maitreya hall, main hall, Rufeng springs, hall, mountain building, layers of high handed. Every time Jiang Jieshi home will come here, said that after this will be built near a large-scale Buddhist Xuedou temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, for thousands of years, strong incense, monks, Buddhist circles in our country and it will Hangzhou Tianzhu Tianning Wanshou Yongzuo temple, Nanjing Jiang Shan Taiping Xingguo Temple 9 the temple was called "the world of Zen ten brake", has a high status, according to the "Si Chi" records: in the Tang and Song Dynasties, Xuedou Temple successively by several generations of the emperor’s 41 imperial edict, still surviving Temple "Emperor Dragon hidden" classics 5760, jade seal, dragon robes, bowl, jade etc.. "Song Zongci Zi Sheng Xuedou Temple" amount of plaque, LiZong chasing the book "dream should be famous". Beautiful decoration inside the hall! It is very mysterious and auspicious Buddha Maitreya (Maitreya Bodhisattva Mahasattva) (Maitreya in Sanskrit, Pali Metteyya), translated as Cheshire, transliterated as liez, Mei? In the Mahayana Buddhist scriptures, often referred to as ajita Bodhisattva Mahasattva, is one of Shakya Muni’s successor, the future will be in the world the birth of monasticism this world, become a Buddha, namely bhadrakalpa thousand Buddha Buddha in fifth, often referred to as "when under the Maitreya buddha". Is regarded as the originator of the Yogacara school, a huge system of thought by the Buddha, Vasubandhu Bodhisattva interpretation promote, favored by Chinese Mahayana Buddhist master Zhiqian, Daoan and xuan. Whether all over the country, in the active temples, always see a naked, face, hand bag sat on the floor of the fat Buddha, he is Maitreya buddha. Here, I think of this big belly can tolerate, let the world can not tolerate things; openings will laugh, laugh at the world ridiculous people. The image of Maitreya Buddha vividly, interesting. What is the author take Maitreya Buddha like to criticize "to let the world of things", "mocking the people of the world ridiculous", is well intentioned. Pay attention to the Buddhist karma cycle, teach people to do more good deeds to accumulate blessings! Wash your sins in the inside of the temple monks chanting! Don’t interrupt at the door outside with a long shot a mouth相关的主题文章: