China annual 12 million tons of food contaminated by heavy metals loss of 20 billion Sohu news before the eleventh session of the economic Chinese — Legal Forum and market circulation legal forum (2016) held in beijing. Capital University of Economics and Business law school professor Gao Guilin disclosed at the meeting, the environmental pollution has caused serious economic losses, the actual condition of our country is to feed more than 22% of the world’s population with less than 9% of the world’s arable land, at the same time, due to environmental problems continue to highlight the land area shrinking. In most rural areas and poor areas, its food mainly depends on local supply. However, according to statistics, China’s annual 12 million tons of food contaminated by heavy metals in the soil, resulting in losses of up to $20 billion per year. Gao Guilin in the 2014 Hunan "cadmium rice" event as an example, the problem of soil pollution China currently facing not only involves the traditional environmental law field of environmental pollution and ecological destruction, more direct and more realistic to reflect the soil pollution caused by food safety incidents of public health. Soil pollution refers to heavy metals, pesticides, antibiotics and persistent toxic organic compounds in soil and beyond the self purification capacity of the soil, resulting in physical, chemical and biological properties of soil changed, reduce crop yield and quality, human health hazards phenomenon. Gao Guilin believes that the soil pollution is latent and persistent pollutants into the soil, once can last for several centuries, and mainly through skin contact, contaminated water and contaminated crops in three ways to enter the body, causing the body cell lesions. The characteristics of soil pollution also bring difficulties to the prevention and control of food safety problems. Soil and air, water and other natural resources interact to increase the speed and scope of pollution, increase the difficulty and cost of governance. For example, the soil pollution caused by the landfill can be polluted by the infiltration of rainwater through the rain, and the contaminated groundwater into the river and irrigation caused by soil pollution in irrigation areas. In Gao Guilin’s view, in the field of food safety should be applied to strengthen supervision means of environmental law, establish a sound system for the prevention and control of soil environment, soil environmental standards, classification management of agricultural land should be the main function of the combination of city planning and. On the one hand, in limiting the development and development of the region to strengthen the protection of soil, and strictly limit the pollution and destruction of basic farmland. On the other hand, optimization of development zones and key development zones, to strengthen the monitoring of soil environment quality of agricultural land, especially the "city agriculture" and "industrial suburb agriculture", with its surrounding soil and agricultural products and strengthen inspection. In order to prevent and control the pollution of the soil, the land quality category should be changed in time, and the corresponding remediation measures should be taken. At the same time, the establishment of soil pollution monitoring and information disclosure system. Environmental monitoring and information disclosure system provides guidance for environmental protection. First of all, environmental monitoring and information provide the basis for the open to the legislature and the executive decision-making; secondly, the information disclosure of agricultural producers, on the one hand, according to the information of soil agricultural production behavior adjustment administration, on the other hand, as the concrete standard of soil environment.相关的主题文章: