Outdoors Bask in the pleasant weather of Barcelona while feasting your eyes on the grand sights of Spain. Climate in Barcelona, Spain is favorable to travelers and quite predictable as you can rely on the forecasts. Be assured of not falling into .promising position. Barcelona is close to the sea and its climate is highly influenced by this imminence. The influence of the warm and cool breezes from the sea has sobered down the extremity of winter or summer in Barcelona. So Barcelona never experiences scorching summer or chilling winter. The sea has made the climate of Barcelona, Spain temperate. Barcelona has moderately warm summers, which shines under the glittering Mediterranean sun and a cool winter. The most striking thing about weather conditions here is the temperature. Barcelona enjoys an annual average temperature of around 16-degree Celsius. When you consider the Barcelona weather averages, you will notice that Barcelona has an annual average rainfall of around 50mm, with the typical weather being sunny and rainfall occurring more or less in all the months. Tourists on a visit to Spain are effusive in praise about the Barcelona weather. Summer in Barcelona can be very hot and humidity levels can rise up to 70%. But the cool sea breeze serve to bring down the temperature and make for an enjoyable ambience to acquire that healthy just-back-from-the-beach tan. The usual average temperature in the summer months in Barcelona reaches 29 degree Celsius while the mercury rises up to 35 degree Celsius in the hottest month. There are always Met predictions about light showers during the early summer days. The hottest month of Barcelona is August when the city dwellers move to cooler resorts outside the city and most of the shops, restaurants and bars close down their shutters. The best weather in Barcelona is autumn when the temperature remains within 15-21 degree Celsius. The autumn forecast of Barcelona consists of sunny weather sprinkled with some rare showers. The autumn is the best season for seeing the sights for the whole day and climbing trails. Barcelona is famous for its placid winters, which is ideal for tourism. The whole northern hemisphere shivers under the chill of winter while the climate of Barcelona is a happy respite. The average winter temperature of Barcelona is 12 degree Celsius, which can drop to 10 degree Celsius sometimes. January is the coldest month in the climate in Barcelona, Spain. The forecast for the winter weather in Barcelona includes frequent showers and a rare snowfall. Therefore, it would make sense to carry warm clothing and rainwear along with you. Spring presents quite an agreeable phase of the Barcelona weather. Spring here sees an average temperature that spans from 13-degree to 20-degree Celsius. It is no wonder, spring is a thriving tourist season in Barcelona. One distinguishing feature of the climate in Barcelona, Spain is the well-demarcated seasons. The best time to visit Barcelona is during the months from March to June and during September and October. These are the times when weather conditions are neither too hot nor too cold and the current weather in Barcelona (Spain) is always "just perfect". In fact, the Barcelona climate exemplified by bright, sunny and mild weather conditions is thought to be ideal for golf. You can aim for your holes, clad in shirts even in November and February. Now crossing the threshold of Barcelona you will experience diverse weather conditions. The coastal areas on either side of Barcelona reels in warm summers and June to September are the season, which experiences the highest tourist traffic. Summer in Tarragona is unbearable while Girona with its pleasant summer is the favorite summer retreat for the city residents. The climate of Barcelona with its temperate temperament is ideal for tourists who want to escape the scorch of the south and the chill of the north. Even the month of December in Barcelona has warmth in store for you while you sit and watch the sun sinking into the Mediterranean Sea. The weather of Barcelona reflects the spirit of Spain, which is no doubt quite interesting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: