Cook comments Apple strategy: not for the first   but the best –IT– original title: Cook comments Apple strategy: not for the first but the best according to foreign media reports, apple CEO Tim? Cook in the Senate and the state of Utah said Hatchie Olin? Dialogue, Apple products are not market first, but it is the best. Cook comments Apple strategy (pictures from Baidu) Cook when talking about the company’s introduction of new products to market strategy, a product can not be listed on the first, is the best, and the highest market share. It is understood that, whether it is MP3 players, smart phones or tablet PCs, apple is not the first to launch similar products. Cook said, in fact, Microsoft Tablet PC time than apple early long, about more than and 10 years. Cook said that as the company leaders need to make a reasonable choice among these three, choose one of them. For apple, we do not care whether it is the first launch of new products. We may be second, third, or even in the fourth, fifth. But we don’t get frustrated because we spend more time doing better (get it right). Cook finally said, we strive to enrich people’s lives through the best products. If we can’t do that, we’d rather give up. It is understood that Apple’s iPhone7 7 Plus after the listing, the market situation is strong demand but insufficient supply. Now there are media reports that Apple’s capacity to begin to break out, because it was the fourth quarter of 2016 iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus parts orders increased by 20% to 30%. Guo Mingchi also stressed that this year is expected to total sales of 70 million -7500 iPhone7 or so, thanks to Samsung Note assists. (Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: