Real-Estate Many people are buying a property abroad to secure their future? Is this a wise investment? Stocks and shares arent as reliable as they once were, and pensions no longer give us the financial security we were hoping for. In the scramble to find ways of securing stability for our old age, more of us are choosing to invest in property abroad. Its true that property investment can bring large returns, but it needs to be properly managed in order to do so. If youre going to rely on the income from renting or selling a property abroad, then you need to approach its purchase and management in the same way as you would a business in order to maximise the profits you can make. Is it a guaranteed income? No. No-one can guarantee that your property will be able to fund your retirement. You are relying on property prices increasing in the location where you have your property abroad and they will need to increase by at least a certain percentage in order for you to make enough money on your property to live on in the future. If a location becomes saturated with holiday properties, or suffers from a sudden drought, or particularly bad weather, or a change of government for example, the value of your property could fall. On the other hand, some resorts and locations are just beginning to increase in popularity and so a canny buy now could produce some impressive returns in 10 years or more. If you are buying a property abroad in order to have something to generate income for your retirement, you need to spend some time researching the places where you have the greatest chance of making money. Work out how much youre prepared to spend and what sort of return you want, and over what period. If youre renting, look at the general market rental for properties like yours and see if you can make a profit by charging a similar rate. See how you can limit your costs so that you can get as much return on your investment as possible. Whilst investing in a property abroad can bring you some financial benefits later in life, you shouldnt rely on it as your sole source of funds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: