Internet-and-Business-Online Affiliate marketing has many advantages, especially for new Internet marketers. You do not need a product and no customer support is needed. But since you only get paid when a sale is made, you need to drive a lot of traffic to the web sites. CPA networks offer one huge benefit, you get paid per lead. You can get paid even if no sale is made. If you have tried affiliate marketing and want to move on, CPA marketing is a natural next step. If you are good at driving traffic you can make big money with CPA networks. Since you do not need a sale to make money, the conversion rates are much higher than in traditional affiliate marketing. Most of the landing pages have a form that needs to be filled out in order for you to get paid. A lead can be as simple as just name and email address. But it can also be multiple pages, for example a mortgage application. Generally, the more information the visitor is required to enter, the more you get paid. Often the visitor does not need to pay anything, but in some cases a payment is necessary. Once again, you generally get paid more in latter case. a CPA publisher or affiliate is a little bit more .plicated than getting started in traditional affiliate marketing. There are a lot of CPA .works to choose from and you have to apply and get accepted by a .work before you can start driving traffic and making money. Some .works are easy to join while others are more selective. Most .works will accept you even if you do not have a website. But they want to know that you can generate traffic for their advertisers. If you are using PPC, be prepared to specify your budget for PPC campaigns. You should join more than one CPA .work, two of the most popular are Hydra and Azoogle. Note that every .work has its own terms and conditions. If you do not follow the guidelines, your account will get terminated. So make sure that you know the guidelines for each .work and campaign. You can join most CPA .works even if you live outside the US. You can also use CPA .works to get traffic to your own web sites. As a CPA advertiser or marketer you are taking a greater risk since you generally have to pay upfront. This also requires that you know how much a lead is worth to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: