Cui Shunshi admitted Pu Jinhui’s cronies to modify the park Geun hye speech – Beijing, Beijing, October 27 Xinhua comprehensive report, the general election recently, South Korean President Park Geun hye confidant Cui Shunshi accused of alleged political interference. Local time 27 days, Cui Shunshi had admitted to modify the park Geun hye in the presidential election period notes, but denied the rest. 24, 2009, South Korea’s JTBC television reported that the office of the office of the disposal of the property found in Cui Shunshi, including the inclusion of the 44 presidential speeches, including the more than and 200 documents. The Taiwan pointed out that the file open time before the president’s speech, and no doubt some official appointment Cui modifying speech Shunshi. Because of the presidential palace in only a handful of staff have the right to review, if leakage is true, it will be with the serious nature of the national discipline disorder event. In this regard, South Korean President Park Geun hye published on the 25 national book "" to clarify that Cui Shunshi was in the presidential election campaign issues when it puts forward personal opinions and feelings, was also responsible for providing advice on the part of speech, the wording of the draft publicity. Pu Jinhui took office as part of the information has been consulted Cui’s opinion, but Chong Wa Dae and the formation of the staff mechanism, no longer seek their ideas. Pu Jinhui expressed his apology to all the people. On whether to modify the script, Cui Shunshi said that during the presidential election in order to help the voice of the expression of a slight change, but did not care about, did not know that this is a national secret. Cui shun the truth, Pu Jinhui only for the country, I am sorry that Pu Jinhui caused controversy. About whether to review the Chong Wa Dae report, Cui Shunshi said that President Pu Jinhui has received the relevant report by email, but received daily reports in advance or Chong Wa Dae report book review report with tablet computer denied, and pointed out that because they are ordinary citizens, so do not know if this is a state secret. Plus they have neither a tablet nor a. According to Yonhap News reported, according to South Korean law, unauthorized disclosure of presidential archives will be sentenced to 7 years imprisonment or 20 million won the following penalty. Cui Shunshi is a law for punishment, unable to agree on which is right of public opinion. If the president is involved in leaking files, in principle can also be punished, but the punishment is not on the South Korean constitution has the president’s arrangement, unless guilty of rebellion or treason, the president can enjoy without penalty privilege.相关的主题文章: