Fashion-Style Custom t-shirts are great for young people who want to show off their artworks. Many young people like custom t-shirts because they can customize it with their own messages. You can use any design to create the custom t-shirt as long as you own the copyright to it. If you are the kind of person that like to have a full closet of t-shirts that feature your favorite designs, the t-shirt printing service will suit you. You can order custom t-shirts printing services from local or online store. The local store provides a limited inventory of t-shirts for you to choose from. If you want to have a larger selection, you should hire the t-shirt printing service from the online store. The first step in buying the custom t-shirt is to choose a t-shirt to customize. There are various types of t-shirts to choose from including cotton, tight fitted, hoodies and etc. After you have selected a specific t-shirt, you must upload your design through the online designer tool. It takes a few seconds to a few minutes to upload the design through the online designer tool depending on how big your image file size is. To shorten the uploading time, you should compress your image file into a small size. The best image format to save your image is the PNG format. You can also save your image in other formats such as JPEG and GIF formats. Typically, there are two types of t-shirt printing services you can order. Screen printing service is a traditional t-shirt printing service that involves using screens to transfer the design. It is a complicated process because the vendor has to prepare the screens. The screens can be purchased from the suppliers or made with hands. It takes a few hours to print the t-shirts so it is quite tiring. Screen t-shirt printing service does not allow the use of too many colors. If the design has too many colors, it will take lots of time to print it. Only 2 4 colors are used to create the design for the screen printed t-shirt. You can order the screen printed t-shirts in bulk and save money. The more you order, the more you save. You can reference the bulk printing chart for that specific t-shirt if you want to find out how much you can save on the bulk order. Digital printing service is designed for people who dont want to place bulk order. If you want your t-shirts to have unique designs, the digital printing service will suit your need. Digital printing involves the use of a digital printer to transfer the design. It only take a few minutes to transfer the design through the digital printer. This type of t-shirt printing service is more expensive because customers have more customization options. Screen t-shirt printing service is suitable for organizations and business who want to order t-shirts with the same designs. You will save hundreds of dollars if you plan to order in large quantities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: