Do the second shot about 100 to support science and technology jointly CYTS travel media and technology about signing the scene CYTS Phoenix Technology News News November 2nd, make a small coffee show, the second shot and a technology live today announced and CYTS to achieve cooperation, both sides will build a tourism video marketing alliance, jointly develop the tourism industry incubator red net, to produce more high-quality video content related to tourism. The conference, in addition to the technology and CYTS, and bear, @ @ gourmet beef rice, @ @Amanda, Cade impression small kitchen, @ little teacher dozens of Shakespeare, V also Master tourism will be settled in the tourism video marketing alliance ", to create a high quality video content of more. In addition, it will also support the common technology and CYTS 100 tourism Master, 10 union IP and 100 seed customers, to increase efforts to support entrepreneurship travel video. Alliance launched the first homemade program, "what do you do in winter," "40urs", "food of the mold" will also be released. After the alliance reached, tourism and local tourism units can be settled in the odd odd second shot of the travel channel and a live broadcast platform, the establishment of the official account for their own video content dissemination. Liu Xinzheng, vice president of science and technology, said at a press conference, 2016 is a short video and live broadcast of the outbreak, but the potential for mobile video industry in the tourism industry is still in the early stages of the market. He said, in terms of content, PGC (professional production content) smaller, since the media head is not formed; in terms of the business model, platform, KOL, tourism is the enterprise a few loose, also failed to form a system, cashability co.. The cooperation is hoping to change the current situation of the development of tourism video. The technology will provide Master and network traffic, CYTS will provide a large number of travel agency, airline, hotel management and tourism complex group of four types of customer resources, help from the media for cash. Liu Xinzheng said that for the current tourism marketing, due to the decline of traditional media, the urgent need for new media to help spread, to achieve marketing floor. CYTS vice chairman Liu Guangming also said at the press conference: "tourism is not the lack of market, lack is the ability to win the market." Today arrived at the scene of the Heilongjiang Tourism Bureau, Qigihar Tourism Bureau, they are very eager to be able to be more people know, but they do not know much about the internet. Have a good relationship and CYTS itself around the country tourism bureau, it will be our words become the Tourism Bureau to understand, to achieve docking of both better, "Liu Xinzheng said. (Wang Rui)相关的主题文章: