Documents show that easy to loss days or up to a maximum of 37 million Tencent official said the Department of counterfeit technology news (Xiang Xin) September 19th news, recently an easy to operate documents show that in May of this year were easy to show a net loss of 37 yuan, if according to the June claims that the average daily orders up to 1 million single "to calculate, easy in the second quarter of this year the average daily maximum losses could reach 37 million yuan. In this regard, easy to responded that rumor, the company from no similar business documents, and suspected forgery intended to discredit competitors. In October last year, the music as the official signing of the easy to equity investment agreement. After the completion of the transaction, the music as an investment of $700 million to obtain an easy to 70% of the equity, as the music becomes easy to use the controlling shareholder of the car. Then the music started by subsidies trying to achieve counter attack in the car market, launched the charge 100 to send 100 "(at the end of June 30th this year) and cash, LETV mobile phone recharge to send music TV and other activities, in order to get more users and drivers. As time goes by, it seems easy to bring losses to this subsidy has appeared. It is easy to outflow as of the end of June 9, 2016 business report shows that in May, for example, easy to single average cost of 57 yuan, a single average income of $35, the cost of income of 1.6 times. The high cost of the car business losses continue to increase, now easy to single Junjing losses in the amount of 37 yuan. If conservative in accordance with this year in June to announce the date of completion of the order to break 1 million to count, after the easy to the maximum daily loss of up to 37 million. However, according to this easy to internal documents show that in order to reduce the loss of single Junjing, from the beginning of the third quarter, we began to reduce subsidies, the end of the original "100% cash back to charge", launched the "ecological charge back activities, Q3 charge return ratio adjustment to 50%, Q4 will be adjusted to 25%, is expected to single net the loss dropped to 21 yuan and 15 yuan. In this regard, easy to responded that the display file information in the wrong, such as that from the beginning of the third quarter to reduce subsidies, the end of the original "100% cash charge back", but the actual situation is easy to from the three quarter after the subsidies are not reduced, return of big ecological charge is not small that cost is always 100% or even 150% to user feedback. Yi to senior marketing director Hu Xulei has said publicly that easy to give about 20% of the profits in subsidies, the rest rely on ecological and ecological system of the anti filling funding, multi channels will be the lowest cost. In fact, every time the charge back is a disguised subsidy. July to official data show that since November 17th last year, started "100% full back activities, the user total recharge amount more than 6 billion yuan, it also means easy to pay 6 billion yuan to supplement the actual needs of users. In fact, it also makes it easy to fall into a sustained increase in the cost of returning to the enterprise’s dilemma, which is easy to also have to drop subsidies. Recommendation: attention Tencent digital WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), take you to play all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information, first-hand evaluation, video engage machine, fun to play live, as well as a variety of novelty play. IPhone.相关的主题文章: