Fashion-Style Cashmere isnt just for cosying up to a loved one in during the colder months – it is also, curiously enough, a fine fabric in which to work up a bit of a sweat! Here’s why, for some of the most luxurious wool sportswear online, Brodie Cashmere is your best bet. Sportswear with a difference Here at Brodie Cashmere, we stock all of the sportswear essentials that you will ever need, all crafted to the highest standards from the finest Mongolian cashmere. For your top half, we have sweatshirts and hoodies available in a range of colours and styles. Our classic Cashmere Sweatshirt is ideal for the colder months and is available in colours from deep black to a flamboyant coral. Its cropped cousin, the sporty Toggle Cashmere Sweatshirt, features an adjustable toggle waist and is available in a choice of two colours. The Sporty Zip Up Hoody, meanwhile, could be just the choice for relaxing in, or for taking to the great outdoors. Or, for another typically classy twist on the sports hoody, try the Brodie Cashmere Sporty Hoody. A large pouch pocket and relaxed fit make it perfect for snuggling up in. For finishing off your gym or lounging outfit, our Cashmere Lounge Pants couldn’t be better. With their adjustable waistband, wide legs and manufacture from the softest cashmere wool, they really do offer the absolute utmost comfort. All of our cashmere sportswear is machine washable, so you shouldn’t be afraid to live life to the full in our sportswear, be it for a leisurely afternoon walk, a heart-pumping run or simply making your way downstairs and cosying up in front of the telly. What you need to know about our cashmere As most of you will know, cashmere is a form of wool obtained from cashmere goats and other types of goat. Our own cashmere goats are tough little things, enduring some rather extreme terrain and cold temperatures, which helps them to produce the soft undercoat that we use for our wool and Cashmere Garments . This wool is hand-combed for the greatest softness possible, before our master craftsmen get to work on creating our garments with generations’ worth of knowledge and skills. To ensure you are 100% ready for the winter, we also stock a wide range of cashmere clothing such as cardigans and jumpers, as well as accessories including capes, wraps and scarves. For more information on Brodie Cashmere or what we stock about wool sportswear online , please dont hesitate to contact us or to check out our range for yourself through any of our many UK stockists! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: