Double eleven home "leadership" to switch? First look at the leaders yesterday we already know the new American president Trump used the Samsung mobile phone with mobile phone text: "what Cheng Yuan Trump was elected president of the United States: he’s in use this brand of mobile phone? "But what other old leaders use the phone? Sina phone to come to the inventory. From whom does it begin? From about to move out of the White House Obama something ~ 1. Obama: with eight years of BlackBerry because of the United States Department of defense, the only security certification of the brand, Obama in the term of the term of office can only use a BlackBerry phone. Since taking office in 2008, Omaba has been using a BlackBerry Curve 8300 phone. But when BlackBerry President Omaba in June this year, from the end of the presidential term more than and 200 days before Obama can finally put on intelligent mobile phone! However, after receiving the phone he was told: This is an excellent mobile phone, but it can not take pictures, can not send text messages, can not make a phone call, can not play music." In fact, in April this year, when the White House equipment upgrades, all office staff have been replaced with the latest iPhone, only Obama is still using a special encryption algorithm for mobile phones. As an electronic fancier, Obama has said he is a fruit powder, but all his electronic products are the secret service of "castration" — the removal of wireless communication function. Soon to be out of office, the first thing Obama can do is to give yourself a new iPhone 7: (2). Putin: during the APEC conference held in Beijing, 2014, YotaPhone, President of the Russian Federation, Putin, President of the Chinese leadership presented a double-sided ink screen smartphone YotaPhone2". National ceremony mobile phone YotaPhone I do not need to use this phone Putin do not know, but it is rare in Russia produced mobile phone brand. Its biggest feature is the back of the phone back to the second side of the E-ink electronic ink screen, which is equivalent to turning the phone is a small e-book, which even buy Kindle money saved. This electronic ink screen in addition to reading does not hurt the eye, you can also synchronize the phone’s Android system message reminder. After getting the national ceremony phone reputation, YotaPhone also launched a Chinese version of the Chinese market, but in the domestic smart phone under the Red Sea and did not survive. However, the innovative double-sided electronic ink screen is worthy of recognition, especially in the current situation of serious homogenization of mobile phones. Also worth mentioning is that there is a luxury brand in Italy has been launched in the Russian version of the gold version of Putin’s mobile phone, in the sale of the next day, because I was opposed to the opposition was an emergency stop production of Putin. Luxury mobile phone mobile phone with the Putin gold shell, the back plate engraved with Putin’s Avatar, bas relief emblem of the Russian and Russian national anthem before the two, for the price of 169 thousand rubles (about 22 thousand yuan). With this phone?相关的主题文章: