Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes ushered in the 1650 birthday: the sharing of information and global open map: Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes Author: Feng Zhijun this year is the world cultural heritage Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang "1650 anniversary birthday", from all over the world, a large number of officials, scholars and experts have been in nearly half the time to, through academic forums, cultural exhibitions, concerts and other forms of this ancient heritage "birthday". As a representative of Dunhuang cultural relics "in recent years, the ancient heritage day" and global open sharing. According to historical records, in 366 ad (Qin Jianyuan two years), Le Zun monk in Mogao Grottoes created the first grotto, from the foothills of the cliff wall chisel cave sound after more than 10 dynasties, 1000 Mogao Grottoes stretches without a break, the Buddhist temple of art has been preserved, as long as the rise, abandoned, 1650 the rebirth of the ups and downs of fate. This is known as the cultural heritage of the human heritage, the intersection of the integration of the world’s four major cultural mark, its more than a thousand years, the growth process is full of frustrations. Whether it is "wrong" cave of the storm, or long-term non official management state protection difficult, or opportunities and challenges now…… All embodies the blend and innovation of the endless. "The arts and culture in Dunhuang thanks to the entire area of the glorious and resplendent, people spontaneously wish and building the Millennium Buchuo, through the vicissitudes of life and history of the Enron disaster, so far, she is an important witness of the Chinese nation and cheerful, enterprising, sincerity and respect, peace." Wang Xudong, President of the Dunhuang Academy of Sciences, said that he had traced the 1650 years of Mogao Grottoes. After nearly 70 years of exploration "stones", "sick" in Mogao Grottoes after a long time after the catastrophe finally turned the corner, and from the rescue protection into the preventive protection stage. Digital Dunhuang as a representative of a large number of scientific and technological innovation, but also through a variety of carriers flying into the homes of ordinary people, and the world to share this ancient heritage and modern technology, the marriage". However, in rare and vulnerability in a Mogao Grottoes is not as strong as iron". In Wang Xudong seems, at least in the future to face the sustainable development of the cause of Dunhuang studies, Dunhuang Grottoes protection of natural and man-made factors such as the threat of problems, Dunhuang cultural heritage and other issues. Wang Xudong said that the future of the Dunhuang Research Institute, through the Dunhuang Grottoes risk monitoring and early warning system, accelerate the construction of "digital Dunhuang" project, the implementation of the "digital Dunhuang library construction as the basis, to share digital resources of Dunhuang grottoes and the world, to attract domestic and foreign experts and scholars pay close attention to the Dunhuang grottoes. After 10 to 15 years, making it an international platform dedicated to the protection and research of cultural heritage along the Silk Road in Dunhuang. A few days ago, a Iran expert on the identity of foreign visiting scholars, came to the Dunhuang Institute for long-term work exchange, which is the future of Mogao Grottoes open sharing positioning the first step. In recent years, although the international cooperation projects around the Mogao Grottoes to protect foreign scholars but beyond count, the term "presence" is still uncommon, this is just the beginning of the "international perspective". "Open up altogether.相关的主题文章: