Eat it and drink water, 3 year old baby stopped breathing! – Sohu maternal and child in Zhejiang, Cixi, a three year old boy, mom and dad like him as a baby. In the morning, my mother fed him to eat steamed bread, he had to eat two or three, after desperately pushing his mother’s hand, looks very uncomfortable. Mom thought it might be too dry, the baby can not eat, take the water to feed the baby a few mouthfuls. See the baby’s face is not good, also don’t, mother to baby is choking, desperately feeding water. Who knows, the baby not only could not drink the water, his face became pale, mother was frightened, hurriedly holding the child like crazy ran to the hospital. To the hospital, the doctor found the child has no breathing and heartbeat, the body is black and blue, no temperature, and immediately give the baby cpr. But more than and 20 minutes later, the baby still no response, the doctor will regret this news to tell mother. Mom would have such treatment in the child first, his face began to turn blue within 5 minutes, if timely to cardiac compression, the possibility of child alive is very high. However, because of ignorance, mother gave up this "gold 5 minutes". Secondly, once the child was choking food, do not give the child drink water, this is not only conducive to swallowing food, there may be water inlet pipe choke. At this time, be sure to try to use your fingers or chopsticks to stimulate the child’s throat (tongue 2/3), prompting the child to vomit foreign body. Or a hand pinch the child and the child lying in the adult knee and beat the child back 1 to 5 times, to see whether children will spit out foreign body. The passing of a small life, to the effect of the mother and father sounded the alarm. For some not easy to swallow food, please remember to break and then give the children to eat. If the elderly or children of a foreign body stuck in the throat, difficulty breathing, suffocation, cough or respiratory arrest, don’t back or use a finger into the throat to get, because it not only has no effect, but also can make the foreign body into the respiratory tract! The following will give you a special way to deal with food choking cough – Haim Lidtke first aid, allegedly this method has saved the lives of 1 million people in decades. The establishment of emergency operation guide method, 1, 1 children under the age of 1 steps) knees kneeling on the ground; 2) picked up the baby, the baby’s face, the body on the adult knee; 3) with one hand clapped baby two interscapular back 5 times, then baby baby righting, in the second half of the sternum, with finger forefinger and middle chest 5 times; 4) repeat the action to help the baby cough pressure foreign body airway blockage, always do something to spit it out now. Note: do not hold back from the baby feet upside down beat, not only unable to discharge the impurities may cause injury of the cervical spine. If the liquid foreign body, should be smooth of the respiratory tract, and then blowing two tone, if not blowing gas, is suspected to have blocked the respiratory tract foreign body. 2, children over the age of 2 operating procedures) in the back of the child, hands, 1相关的主题文章: