Careers-Employment An EKG technician is an important member of the healthcare .munity who specializes in performing procedures that detect abnormalities in heart rate and rhythm. Technicians in this medical specialty are responsible for a number of different tasks including electrocardiogram administration, ongoing cardiac monitoring, and telemetry. In the United States, the prevalence of heart disease has risen dramatically over the past several years creating an increased need for individuals who are qualified to work with doctors and nurses to improve heart health among the general population. Individuals who have an interest in this rewarding career path are well-advised to learn about training and certification requirements as well as the many benefits that are offered by healthcare facilities. Elements included in the EKG technician job description can vary widely among employers and may include tasks that represent a need for technicians to be cross trained in many different areas of cardiac care. In general, individuals working in this field can be expected to collect medical histories, provide patient education, maintain imaging equipment, administer noninvasive procedures, review images and studies to ensure quality, appreciate differences between normal and abnormal results, .municate with nurses and physicians about studies, assist physicians as they perform invasive procedures, and document in patient charts. Because these tasks directly impact the health and well-being of patients, technicians are often required to .plete formal education and training as well as a certification exam. Formal education and training for EKG technicians is designed to ensure a high level of .petency and demonstrate that an individual is prepared to provide direct patient care independent of supervision by a nurse or physician. While there are few state and federal laws requiring technicians in this industry to be licensed, most employers do require at least a two year degree in an allied health profession and the successful .pletion of a nationally recognized certification examination. Some facilities also offer an in-house training program that .monly lasts between four and six weeks. These programs are designed to prepare new employees for the challenges they might face on a daily basis. Those who wish to accelerate the career advancement process often choose to work in a physicians office or healthcare facility while they are .pleting a degree program at a .munity college or university. This type of arrangement allows technicians to gain experience within the industry while they are obtaining the credentials that they need to pass a certification exam and .pete for job openings. Most establishments wel.e trainees into their workplace and are more than willing to offer advice and instruction as the individual attempts to enter the profession. While it is possible to enter the EKG technician profession directly, most technicians work in other areas of healthcare prior to transferring to the cardiovascular department. In many cases, individuals finish a degree program in radiology technology and work in healthcare for at least a couple of years before receiving hands-on training as an EKG technician. After .pleting a four to six week cardiovascular technician training program, these individuals typically sit for a professional certification exam that is designed to evaluate their .petence within the specialty. Once this exam has been passed, the technician can begin working directly with cardiac patients under the supervision of a nurse or physician. A career as a technician in the cardiovascular department of a hospital or clinic is very rewarding and provides the unique opportunity to have a dramatic influence on the health and well-being of patients. In addition to the personal satisfaction that .es from this career path, individuals enjoy a .petitive salary and .prehensive benefit plans. In many areas of the United States, an EKG technician can expect to receive a salary in excess of $50,000 per year as well as a .prehensive benefits package. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: