Travel-and-Leisure When you search for the cheap flights deals, two of the most .mon tips that you will find from most of the experts are that either you shall book the flights early or wait for the last minute deals. And, among these experts, most will prefer you to do advance bookings rather than waiting for the last deals. Are last minute deals for real? Do these really enable savings of money? What are the chances that the last minute deals would be the cheapest of all? While last minute deals are for real but it is not necessary that these are always cheap. \ If the airlines were to keep the best of its flight deals for the last minute and make a habit of offering lowest air fare at the last minute, then the people would like to wait for the last minute to book their flights rather than booking early. To avoid this situation, the airlines release the seats in different lots or batches and a little percentage of seats might be kept for the last minute deals. This practice would depend on occupancy levels already achieved by the airlines. However, it cannot be made a regular practice since the people would wait for these deals and the airlines might not be able to do effective yield management. Therefore, the airlines keep the last minute deals unpredictable and encourage people to book a couple of days in advance. Usually, the prices of tickets at the last minute are cheap but it is not a rule. When the airlines are concerned with occupancy levels and want to maximize the seat factors or when there are good numbers of cancellations, then the prices might be reduced. But, there could be situations when these deals are more expensive rather than being cheap. This happens when there is a low level of .petition and the demand for cheap flights is more than the supply. In these situations, the last minute deals could even be more expensive since the airline would like to take advantage of the high demand. This situation typically arises when one or more of the airlines are in trouble and have either exited or have curtailed their operations substantially reducing the supply of seats. This could lead the other airlines to either expand their operations for filling the gap or, if that is not possible, to increase the price of tickets. So, lowest air fare might not be available in that situation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: