Happiness Why Do People Dream? Has that question ever crossed your mind? Most people take dreams for granted – much as they do the cycles of the Earth. They know it happens – they just don’t take the time to consciously think of each step or the results of each step. What would happen if one of the steps was skipped one day? What would happen if you didn’t dream? Each part of you has a certain job to perform – and each part works together to create the machine that is your body. Your conscious mind focuses on the most critical details that you encounter each day – the ringing of the phone, the baby’s cry, the sound of the doorbell. Your conscious mind guides you through the tasks that demand immediate attention. You unconscious mind stores away the extra data that your brain receives while you are focused on the most critical information. Your brain takes in considerably more data each day than your conscious mind can process. Dreams are the mind’s way of sorting and processing the extra data – the dog barking, the bird chirping, the sneer on your teenager’s face as he walks out of the room – all of the events that are not center-stage. When you sleep, your conscious mind recuperates as the data stored in your subconscious can rise to the top for analysis – the process your brain uses to sort and deal with all of the stimuli and emotions encountered each day. In many cases, your subconscious also contains emotions that you have refused to deal with. For instance, when something traumatic happens, some people bury the traumatic feelings deep within their subconscious minds to avoid dealing with something fearful or upsetting. So, why do people dream? Your body works like a machine – each part plays a specific role. It is your brain’s obligation to sort and analyze all stimuli and emotions that you encounter. As you sleep, your mind continues to send signals that you are not consciously aware of. This is when dreams occur. The interpretation and analysis of dreams is how we can learn to deal with emotions and data that we have not yet dealt with on a conscious level. It is possible to use our dreams as a tool to improve our lives by using the information that we discover in our dreams to change things that we may wish to improve about ourselves, facing things that may have been haunting us and bringing about closure, and gives us a deeper look inside ourselves. Learning to interpret and analyze our dreams gives us a chance to realize a unity between mind, body, and spirit. We can find the answers to spiritual questions and can even be warned of pending health problems. Since the body works much like a machine, your body sends signals to your mind that could help you delay or avoid health problems that might arise in the future warning us of actions we are taking that can lead to the health problems. Your body works – it was designed that way – but you have to listen with your body. And, this includes using all available resources. We have answered the question "Why do people dream?" – now, the question is "What will you do with it?" About the Author: When it will .e to creating a preference or liking something, youngsters have a brain of their own. 相关的主题文章: