Legal A class action lawsuit can be brought forth by an attorney against a company or party when many people have been injured in a similar fashion due to a specific reason. These reasons can vary from case to case, and there are some that are more likely to develop into class action lawsuits than others. If a defective product has caused harm to multiple victims, then these victims can all band together with an attorney or law firm and file suit against the company selling the product. Many lawsuits have occurred in the past against many different companies for this reason, such as car companies and pharmaceutical medicines. There have been many lawsuits in the past brought to light by entire neighborhoods when both a health issue and environmental issue are at stake. Companies that use areas near residential places as dumping grounds for toxic waste, waste in general, or simply create other unhealthy and non-environmentally friendly areas that can affect the people that live there are at fault and run the risk of facing a lawsuit. People have gotten sick from these areas; children have been lost, and the population in general suffers from the companys lack of ethics and good business practices. If patients are not told about harmful side effects that a drug may produce, they can become ill or worse. All these patients have the right to opt into a class action lawsuit should one be started. Sometimes people do not have to be physically hurt to bring a class action lawsuit to a courtroom. These lawsuits can also occur when employees of a company have dealt with a constant pattern of discrimination, which can be based on gender, race, or age, and decide to contact an attorney to protect their rights. People who have invested their money into something that turns out to be a completely fraudulent scheme also can file suit. The most recent case of this is the 2009 case of Bernard Madoff, who stole billions of dollars from people who believed they were investing in a legitimate arrangement. You may not be aware of a class action lawsuit that can involve you. Sometimes these cases are far-reaching, and one day you will receive a paper in the mail asking if you would like to opt in to the suit. If you feel that it applies to you, you can become a part of the lawsuit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: