Exposure Zhang Hanna tie tour in Japan to spend 50 thousand to buy clothes and buy a house in Shanghai public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: Zhang Han, fifty thousand Zhahua buy clothes argue cited users mixed in October 27th, Zhang Han went to Japan with nuozha friends broke the news to Disney, by spending 50 thousand yuan to buy clothes, said: "good envy". Subsequently, some netizens said whether to hide under the bed eavesdropping, also said that this behavior is boring. Broke the news to respond to the cashier revealed. Network well-known blogger circle broke the news, Chang John Guli Nazha will be ready for the wedding at the end of this year! There are friends broke the main pond already went to Shanghai to buy a house and nuozha Electronic City, it looks like the rhythm of marriage! Since two people together, this relationship seems to have been not everyone is good, all kinds of breaking up scandal after another, but the feelings of the two parties seem to be stable. This year Zhang Han birthday, nuozha is thrown JiuGongTu again confirmed that two people deep feelings. Zhang Han coulee nuozha married at the end of the year? The man responded: false news. Some time ago gulina Karzai and Zhang Han recently appeared together in the airport, Nazada orange laser sunglasses, wearing a black turtleneck shirt, black shoulder bag, under a black flash on grey jeans, sneakers. Zhang Handai blue laser sunglasses, wearing a grey sweater under a stamp, grey trousers, dark gray sneakers foot. They also wear grey sports shoes, wearing different color laser sunglasses, netizens said is also with collocation! (news source: Sina entertainment) more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: