Finance The chances are that unless you are familiar with a company called Nottingham Investment Administration (NIA), or are familiar with the US financial industry, then you may well not have heard of Frank Meadows III. That is something of a shame as the story of Mr. F. P. Meadows is certainly one worth listening to and learning from. As a youngster, Frank Meadows III attended the renowned Haileybury independent school near London in the UK. After completing his studies in the UK, Kip as he came to be known, won a place at the prestigious Duke University in Durham, NC. At Duke, he graduated from his class with an A.B. in Economics and shortly after took his first tentative steps into the world of finance. F. P. Meadows was a co-founder of Insured Benefit Design in 1983, working from Raleigh, NC, the company offered insurance sales and administration as part of its package. It did not take long for Kips innovative thinking, workrate and drive to get him noticed and in 1984, he was persuaded to move across town to Robinson Humphrey. It proved something of a groundbreaking moment; both in terms of Kips career and the world of investment administration. While Frank Meadows III was working at Robinson Humphrey, that Kip noticed that investment advisors spent an inordinate amount of their time attending to housekeeping tasks related to the organization of their separately managed accounts. Kip felt that such time was a waste for both the advisor and his clients and so Kip began to think of a way in which this issue could be resolved positively for all parties. The realization of that dream was the formation in 1986 of Nottingham Investment Administration, with F. P. Meadows as the founder and CEO. At the time a great deal of focus was placed on Kips innovative methods of organization, streamlining and efficiency which enabled advisors working for NIA to work far more effectively and productively. That said, the real genius behind NIA is that Kip realized that this was only half the battle. A more efficient, streamlined investment administration company meant that their advisors could then spend more time speaking with their clients and relaying important information to them. It was this masterstroke of planning, of bringing the investor into the process, rather than a occasionally informed observer, in a professional and committed manner that propelled NIA to success. Just over 25 years later, the company now administers just over 200 major accounts, worth an estimated $25 billion in assets, it is a true story of superb financial acumen mixed with foresight and a good degree of common courtesy. A fact perfectly illustrated on the NIA website which states that relationships come first at Nottingham. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: