Network-Marketing With the economy circling the drain, unexpected layoffs and the financial fate of many working folks hanging in the balance, more people are looking into a backup plan, which enables them to take the reins, giving them .plete control of their financial future. Every night the evening news is littered with stories of a desperate economy, and surges of unemployment. New entrepreneurs are rapidly taking action and emerging from all walks of life. Nurses are opening coffee shops, medical assistants are dance instructors, and Moms home schooling their children, are building Internet businesses. Home based businesses are the trend of the future. The latest statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that 4.12 million entrepreneurs are working from home, most of which are in the services industry. The reasons for an Independent business owner are numerous and unique. Whether its to secure a secondary in.e, you dislike your current job, or you fear your pension has taken an irreversible nose dive, the rewards of creating a home based business are similar. Owning your own business allows you to .bine your career with your family, build stronger family ties, gain personal freedom, reduce stress, and authorizes you to exploit tax advantages. Owning a home based business also permits you to reap financial benefits. There are very little overhead costs, allowing you to plough all your capital and profits back into the business. Lowered operating costs also give you the privilege of harnessing .petitive advantages, not only in the prices you charge, but in the quality of service you offer. Your earning potential is directly proportional to your performance. No more waiting for that ever dreaded yearly evaluation, when your boss gives you a raiseor not. If youre an Independent business owner and you want a raise every 6 months…give yourself one. More importantly, a home based business allows people who have been shut out of the job market, such as stay at home Moms, students, retirees, and the disabled, to create new ventures and business opportunities for themselves. Personal growth and self education is inevitable as a business owner. You be.e the boss, the bookkeeper, the strategy setter, the marketing and sales person, the customer service representative, and much more. You suddenly find yourself surrounded by other like minded home based and Independent business owners, who unselfishly offer superior advice and reach out to lend a hand. Positive energy surrounds you. an Independent business owner also provides you with a great sense of pride, knowing that you created something unique, with your own thoughts and ideas, and your own two hands. My 18 years as a Medical Technologist taught me great customer service skills I carried with me into my landscaping and Internet Marketing businesses. My reason to walk out of my regular job was a Core Desire that constantly burned inside of me. I continuously craved more for myself than any Corporate America job could ever provide. If youve ever wondered how great it would feel to give your boss their walking papers, and to go from blue collar to no collar, you may already have some of the necessary reasons and skills required. The only step left, is taking a chance, believing in yourself and implementing Your Plan B. To Securing Your Personal and Financial Future… About the Author: By: Sandy Z – Reality TV, we have all watched it. Like it or not it is a big part of our culture today. But did you know who the real stars of reality TV are? They are the people who edit the hours and hours of video footage that is shot. They make hours of boredom look exciti … By: Sandy Z – We are all prone to laziness because the path of least resistance is the most appealing. 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