The flagship light business of the ThinkPad T460s evaluation – Sohu carbon fiber and magnesium alloy digital combination of ThinkPad popular in the business office in the field of "brother" status, if you need a strong performance of the business of the ThinkPad  T series may be your first choice. ThinkPad  T series flagship strong performance, can provide sufficient performance support for business office. ThinkPad  T460s is a guarantee of performance at the same time, the thickness and weight of the control of the machine is very good performance, specifically how we look at. T460s overall appearance is still calm business style, the color is very recognizable "ThinkPad" black. Body line, the machine has a very obvious thinning process, from the side of the observation can be found, gradually narrowed from the rear, which is the typical design of light. The machine is light enough in this business is in the performance level, the weight of 1.36kg, the thinnest at only 16.9mm, this set of data in the ThinkPad product library which is very brisk. The overall appearance of the T460s is still a steady business style with a slim design although thin design, but in the body material has not shrunk. A surface coverage of carbon fiber material, the characteristics of high strength and high toughness can effectively protect the screen at the same time, anti scratch scratch; D surface adopts aluminum magnesium alloy casing as a support, can withstand external force to protect the internal hardware security, supporting body. These two materials used in the T460s, making the machine durable, stable and reliable. A surface covered with carbon fiber material at the same time in the body of the visual and tactile, the machine is also dealing with a very sense of hierarchy. First, the A surface is used to paint processing has a matte texture, showing a little bit of starlight in the visual sense, more texture, texture is smooth, not easy to leave fingerprints; secondly C although the visual experience with A is very similar, but careful observation will find more similar and skin texture there is a kind of skin, feels to the touch. The overall use of the simple design of the T460s is obviously pragmatism in appearance, the use of carbon fiber and magnesium alloy makes the machine is very durable, lightweight processing is also convenient to use mobile office. The whole machine presents a unique beauty of the ThinkPad, this feeling can obviously feel after starting. The keyboard is still better fingerprint safe to talk about ThinkPad, have to say is the keyboard. The machine is equipped with a keyboard not only inherited the ThinkPad excellent operating feel, but also joined the two backlight keyboard, increasing the practicality of the keyboard. In the keyboard, the keys of arc processing, typing very fit fingers; compression strength is moderate, the sense of paragraph is very clear, after pressing the whole process and rebound quickly, the noise is very small. Text input on the T460s is really a kind of enjoyment. The machine has a backlit keyboard in addition to the keyboard as always.相关的主题文章: