UnCategorized Many traders who have just start forex trading often believe that there are plenty of profitable forex trading systems out in the market. It is actually the marketing and ‘packaging’ that makes the forex products look very classy, fantastic and expensive. But are these products really as good as it looks and worth your money or are they scams? After all, it’s always the sleek graphics and salescopy of the products that captured one’s attention the most and the fastest. Of course people will look for prove and testimonials before buying the products, but like I say, those marketers out there can easily market their trading statement and testimonials in such a way that every traders would like to see. If you have realized, most of the prove are profitable, not much losing trades at all…why? Because everyone likes to see winning results. But it’s far from reality and I will reveal the truth. You can be sure that there are tons of forex trading products being sold online, new products are coming out like almost every week or month. But only a few products or methods are actually profitable in the long run while the rest are just too much hype. You may find some of the forex strategies very profitable in the beginning, but over several months or years, they can’t withstand the test of time with different forex market conditions and then failed eventually. So why do so many forex trading strategies fail, which make up the 95% of the traders who ended up losing money? There are a few reasons. The first reason is the trading strategy may not be proven to be solid and profitable in the first place. In order to be proven a profitable trading system, it has to be tested out over years. Often you will find people trying out some methods, tested it only for a few weeks or months and claimed it’s the holy grail. However, the short-term good results do not last long and ends up losing money in the long run. The second reason why many forex trading systems fail is because the market condition changes all the time. Although history does repeat itself, but the market is said to be in random walk conditions. Sometimes when you test out a system, you see some good results, but when the forex market condition changes, the system cannot be adapted to it and thus couldn’t generate constant profits anymore. This is a common problem and what can be done is to improve the system to suit all market conditions or just abandon it and look for a constant profit generating trading system. If you have bought some forex products before and found it not profitable, you do not have to be too upset about it because you have to remember that most of them will probably end up losing money, so don’t set your sights too high on them. The trick is to learn some useful tips and strategies from there and try to use it to create your own profitable forex trading system. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: