Today’s age is Mobile’s age. Everyone is living with mobile and tablets. Gone are days when people used phones just just to make and receive calls and text messages, now is the time when people use mobile phones, rather smart phones for everything they want to do. From chatting to watching movie and from shopping to sharing memories! Everything has been influenced by mobile age. No matter how far you or your loved once live, they are always connected with you via your smart phone and tablets. Here are some uses of smart phone and tablets. Shopping on the go!(M-.merce) Entertainment on the go! (Mobile Movie, songs etc.) Social Networking (Facebook, twitter etc.) GPS Navigation (Google Maps etc.) Mobile Gaming Personal Assistant (personalized apps for everything you may need) And doing almost everything that you are doing with your .puter! What is Responsive Web Design? It is a web design approach that delivers website’s look according to the screen resolution of the device where the website is being viewed. It enables your website to be mobile/smart phone/tablet .patible website. Why Responsive Web Design? Here are some reasons why choosing Responsive Web Design will deliver you high return on investment! Non-responsive websites look weird on tablet Basically, a website which is not Responsive in nature, if opened in tablet or smartphone can not render its look according to the size of the device and hence it doesn’t look proper as it look in desktop. So such website can damage business reputation and can prevent prospectus from .ing to your business as they will be highly disappoint with the design, format and look of your website. They may not be tech savvy and hence can not understand why your website looks so weird on their tablets, but they will .e to the conclusion that you do not care for your business and business prospectus and hence never .e to you or your business. Smart phone market is booming! Deloitte Research concluded that there will be more than 500 million smart phone users across the globe by the end of the year 2012. Another research .pany, Neilsen presented even more interesting and detailed report. More than 60% of smart phone owners surf internet daily. Imagine if more than half of total number of smart phone users surf internet daily, how it is going to impact your business. For a while if you guess that there are around 300 million smartphone users, and around 180 million people surf internet daily on tablets, how your website is going to attract them if it is a responsive web design! Its all about mobilizing your business! A research in Australia has shown that around 25% (i.e. ) of total smart phone owners use their smart phone or tablet just to find out nearby store or local business center. If your website is mobile friendly, it is more obvious to appear in mobile search to users in .parison to desktop only websites. How to get a mobile/tablet friendly web design? Now that you have .e to know importance of having a mobile and tablet friendly website, its time to go mobile! But how? Its simple and easy, what you need to do is just to find a nearby and expert mobile website design .pany. There are so many professional Web Development .panies who offer responsive web design can assist you in getting you a mobile website design. Choose or loose: Choice is your! So, are you ready to choose Responsive Web Design or continue to loose your business potential and growth? Take a look at our live Responsive Website Design from your desktop, smartphone and tablet and see how a Responsive Website Design look like! 相关的主题文章: