Four wheel positioning do not do   in fact 4S store tricky – car — original title: four wheel positioning do not do in fact 4S store a few days ago Maoni randomly asked a few friends, "the car to do it well deviation, the answer is not all about the same is a four wheel positioning! Xiaobian depressed, who said the car deviation will have to do four wheel positioning? 4S shop recommended you do four wheel alignment, is for more money! Take the car running, it may be on both sides of the tire pressure is not the same, or on both sides of the tyre wear is not the same, it does not run just blame. You feel the wheel hub, if one side of the wheel temperature is very high, unlike other wheels, it means that the wheels of the brake back bad, like the wheel side of the brake, can not be biased? There is a shock absorber, like slight leakage, spring deformation, damper failure, the car will lead to uneven force, it is easy to run. As the connecting parts of the steering system for a long time, wear, big gap, and even the ball head is worn out, then your front will be swinging, so when you drive the car will find not only easy to deviate, and the steering wheel also shook! Finally, the overall deformation of the frame, in fact, does not sound so serious, that is, the difference between the two sides of the wheelbase is much larger than the allowable range, with the adjustment of the table just fine. You see, if the above situation is the result of the car side, what is the use of four wheel alignment, it did not solve the problem, have to quarrel with the repair shop? So what’s the point of making the four round? You just like a new tire, or just out of the accident, the maintenance is to do the four round of positioning. Or just replace the steering rod and other chassis components, you have to re engage in the four round of positioning parameters. Furthermore, the steering wheel is shaking, but there are a lot of reasons to shake the steering wheel, not for other reasons, and then do four wheel positioning. The last is the car deviation, excluding those in the beginning of this article introduces the reason, it’s going to do the next four wheel positioning. If you need to do four wheel positioning without doing so will tire eccentric wear, a long time easy to tire, the direction of deviation can be accident prone, and fuel consumption will increase. (commissioning editor Dou Ming and Wu Xiaoqin)相关的主题文章: