Global MBA rankings published Chinese 10 business schools in Hong Kong among the new network in Hongkong Xinhua 100 – 27 September Xinhua (reporter Yan Hao) "world entrepreneur" magazine published in Hongkong in 2016 before the date of the "world’s most influential MBA100 list, Harvard Business School, Standford School of business, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of management at the top three. World Manager Group’s "world entrepreneur" magazine has been 14 consecutive years of global university MBA (MBA) education evaluation. This year’s list of 10 colleges and universities in China was selected, and last year flat. Among the world’s top 100 MBA Chinese College of business, there are 3 from Hongkong: Hong Kong University Science & Technology School of business, School of economics and finance, University of Hong Kong, and Chinese University Hong Kong School of business administration. 7 business schools from the mainland China list, including the China Europe International Business School of Peking University, Guanghua School of Management, Tsinghua University School of economics and management, National Development Research Institute of Peking University’s BiMBA School of business, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Antai College of economics and management, Fudan University School of management, Zhongshan University School of management. Notably, in the top ten, the United States universities occupy a total of 8 seats, ahead of other countries, the United Kingdom and France each have a list. A senior professor at the Harvard University John School of business, Yale University School of management? Dai Teng senior professor of Levi? Dole attended the ceremony and ranking awards to the winners of the business school. Dai Teng believes that the business school’s brand as a general sense of the corporate brand, but also through the provision of quality products and services to be respected. But there are some differences in the business school in some special meaning. There are two special meaning of the so-called business school: one is the commitment to students, to ensure that the students will get the education is worth; two is the employer guarantee, to ensure that their graduates can create success for the enterprise. Dole said that the brand value of the business school is more reflected in the future, especially when the future value of uncertainty, a strong brand of education will help you make a choice. For students, there is a super business school brand connected with their lives, the brand value added to show up. World Entrepreneur Magazine editor Ding Haisen said, from a global perspective, MBA education has cooled, American Business Academy, two full-time MBA project demand is declining. The decline in the number of applicants for MBA shows that the rise in job insecurity and the increase in overseas or online learning opportunities have led to a change in attitudes towards business education. Ding Haisen predicted that, perhaps 50 years after the MBA course will disappear, replaced by a better able to adapt to other projects of the times. MBA as a vocational education has more than 100 years, and its teaching model, curriculum, tuition payment, screening, etc., should be from the industrial society to the information society. "World entrepreneur" is the management group of the world Consulting Group, which is a strategic consulting organization. In addition to the annual world and Chinese business school research, the world entrepreneur also.相关的主题文章: