Gold fell 1330 hit a four week low Yellen would be a bull "terminator"? Hot list of thousands of shares of capital flows thousands of shares of the latest review of the diagnosis of the latest rating simulation trading client Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! FX168 financial news (Hongkong) news international spot gold on Thursday (August 25th) in early Asian markets hovering around $1324 an ounce in the vicinity of low. Wednesday (August 24th) due to market speculation that the Fed chairman Yellen (Jannet Yellen) Friday’s speech may slightly hawkish bias, the dollar against a basket of currencies, gold price pressure down more than 1%, the lowest intraday hit a low of around $1323.86. At the same time, the price of silver is Wednesday tumbled more than 1.5%, refresh $18.52 at the end of June to the lowest, and fell for the fourth consecutive trading days. Other precious metals, spot platinum on Thursday Asian city early investment in US $1078 per ounce, overnight have dropped more than 2%, intraday fell below the 50 day moving average, and hit $1074 an ounce in July 25th to low; palladium on Thursday at around $683 an ounce flat overnight also had tumbled more than 2%. U.S. data released Wednesday showed U.S. home sales in July fell 3.2%, before the end of the four months rose momentum, and lower than expected to decline 0.4%, because stock limited choice of buyers, but prices rise further, suggesting that the property market is still strong. The Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen on Friday (August 26th) in Wyoming, Jackson Holzer (Jackson Hole) published a speech at the meeting on the global central bank officials. Part of the recent Federal Reserve officials issued a tough stance, so that investors are also expected to take less cautious interest rate hike argument. UBS (UBS) analyst Joni Teves said, "everything will still depend on what happened in Jackson Holzer, before it is difficult to make a decision. According to the market price, seemingly overall is expected to raise interest rates in December, so Yellen spoke very hawkish, before the market is expected from December to September." (30 minutes of gold source: FX168 financial network) near the Yellen speech dove queen face care! Friday Beijing time 22:00 the Federal Reserve (FED) chairman Yellen (Janet Yellen) in Wyoming, Jackson Holzer (Jackson Hole) published a speech at the meeting on the global central bank officials. Yellen’s speech is the official theme of the monetary policy toolbox, the theme of the annual meeting of the president of the Jackson itself is designed for the future of flexible monetary policy framework for the". Conference organized by the Kansas City fed for a period of August 25-27. Due to market speculation that Yellen may be given in this week’s speech hinted that interest rates, the dollar continued to rally on Wednesday, but the increase is limited. The Fed has nearly 10 years of the first rate hike in December last year, this year has so far been halt the troops and wait. Root theory相关的主题文章: