Government procurement, refused to "special" (policy focus?) published – Politics – days before the Ministry of finance data show that in 2015 the national government procurement scale exceeded 2 trillion yuan, an increase of 21.8%, accounting for the proportion of fiscal expenditure reached 12%. Expanding the scale of government procurement, the money spent on what? What is the procurement process, whether it can be inexpensive, open and fair? Reporters interviewed the relevant departments and experts. Last year, the purchase of services increased by 72.9%, involving pension, training and other young people in the village to go out to work, leaving most of the elderly, a few acres of land or some difficulty. This year, a lot easier to plant rice, pest control to help solve these problems." Sichuan County, Shehong province Cao Town farmers Qiu Zhimin said. The government purchase of plant pest control service in Shehong County, the farmers only need to pay the cost of materials, the company will provide door-to-door service of agricultural field, the two generation of stem borer, rice blast, rice false smut of anti rule. This year, the county’s 11 villages and towns, a total of more than 22 thousand acres of rice in the village, through the government purchase of services to achieve a unified rule of governance, while reducing the burden on farmers, while also improving the level of agricultural production safety in. A positive change in government procurement is a substantial increase in services procurement, an increase of 72.9% in 2015."   the Ministry of Finance in charge of the implementation of government procurement scope continues to expand, in addition to the government’s own administrative office expenses, but also covers the expenditure of some public welfare, people’s livelihood, as provided for the community "Empty Nester" life care for migrant workers to provide technical training etc.. From all over the situation, the government to purchase public services and public welfare, covering education, employment, social security, health care, culture and sports and the disabled and many other areas of livelihood services. From the point of view of the structure of government procurement, the class of goods, engineering procurement is still the big head, while the service sector accounts for only 15.9% of the total size of the national government procurement, there is considerable room for expansion." Bai Jingming, vice president of the China Institute of fiscal science believes that, in the face of the growing public demand for public services, the government needs to innovate the supply model to build a multi-level, diversified public service supply system. The government directly to the public to provide a part of the public services, undertaken by the conditions of the social forces and to pay, to play the role of market mechanism, accelerate the development of service industry, improve the level of public service. The agreement to supply the products to be market can buy, comparable price, no loopholes of luxury: many people are interested in such activities as the government administrative office, the government procurement price is how to decide, can save money? Ministry of finance, responsible person, for office supplies, the main way of government procurement for large quantities of centralized procurement and a small amount of procurement agreement. Bulk centralized procurement quantity, the suppliers can puerile, so the government procurement to "bargain", usually more than about 10% the market price is low. While the supply agreement purchase amount is small, especially in the past, there are still some "custom" and "special" products, not the same models on the market, easy)相关的主题文章: