Granny died his wife do not want to change the mobile phone number do morning run the police station for help – according to the Anhui daily news she was even confused some advanced in age an online news November 1st Sohu news, spoke expression is not clear, but do not want his wife passed away a little thought for yourself. His wife had to run their own mobile phone number, because there is no real name authentication is shut down, she was under the morning at low temperature run to the police station for help, the police after that was touched and took her to the hall of business communications operators, to help smooth the completion of mobile phone number real name authentication. October 26th morning, the Ningguo Municipal Public Security Bureau police station Ding Xisheng just arrived in the unit, it was found in the corner of the police station sitting in front of an old woman, looks like has been waiting for a long time. Ding Xisheng quickly stepped forward to ask if there is any difficulty in need of help, grandma saw the police, took out an identity card and a cell phone, kept saying he came in the early hours of the morning, to find the police station. According to the information on the ID card, Ding Xisheng learned that grandma Cheng Cheng, but when the police asked the police to find the process of what to do when the grandmother, Cheng grandmother was unclear. Ding Xisheng will be the process of grandma to the inside of the patient’s inquiry, to understand the purpose of the grandmother to the police station. Originally, about 10 years ago, grandma Cheng’s wife a million with their own ID card for a phone card to use grandma Cheng million, now has been dead for years, grandma Cheng reluctant wife, always cherish the use of this phone card, as the wife want to read, never change number. Recently, the three operators in accordance with the provisions of the state to carry out the mobile phone card real name authentication, non real name authentication phone card will face downtime. Received from the operator’s SMS, Granny Cheng worried, but after the death of his wife identity cards were confiscated, not on, had to come to the police station for help. After that, the first time to contact the Xisheng Ding Cheng’s grandma village, confirmed a million have died many years later, he drove Cheng grandma came to the mobile hall, help the success of the mobile phone real name authentication. On the way home, Granny Cheng has been brow to stretch.相关的主题文章: