Guan Jianzhong: asset securitization is a matter of national security of financial system – Beijing new network in Beijing in September 12th 12 to the Social Public Radio International released a new asset securitization rating method, Dagong Group Chairman Guan Jianzhong believes that asset securitization is a matter of national security of financial system. On the same day, by the Dagong international credit rating Co., Ltd. and Xiamen International Financial Technology Co sponsored by the asset securitization rating and trading model innovation forum held in Beijing. Asset securitization is the most distant from the wealth of the ability to create a credit relationship." Guan Jianzhong said at the forum, as the national economic development driving force can be used at the end of credit resources, the national financial system accounts for the necessity and vulnerability, increased so the rating is correct or not determines the status of asset securitization, and the influence of the national financial system security. Compared with 2000, China’s national economy grew by 808.5% in 2015, while the size of the national debt increased by 1514.5%, in 2015 the proportion of total national debt accounted for gross national product has reached up to 249%. The huge stock of debt determines the scale of debt in the form of future asset securitization and its pivotal position in the national financial system. Guan Jianzhong believes that at present, Chinese all existing asset securitization rating methods are copied from the west, its core is the default rate, is a statistical method for testing the rating results invented Western agencies, or choose a different level of the sample, according to the actual default statistics, analysis of the accuracy rating. Guan Jianzhong said, this is only a post verification rating method, default probability statistical results it does not represent each credit rating, the securities rating method is 2008 triggered the global credit crisis of the U.S. subprime debt crisis in the United States it is the initiator of evil, the destruction of the country’s financial system is huge. It is understood that the public launch of the asset securitization rating method and the innovation point is the ability to create wealth as a cornerstone of debt sources, sources of debt repayment analysis to protect the quality of each asset based analysis of debt, credit accordingly, draw solvency safety index, the index of solvency safety of different assets of a number of structured. Build a solvency composite safety index. The fundamental difference between the current asset securitization rating method is that the two ratings based on different. The experts believe that Dagong asset securitization risk assessment system, the success of the line to fill the gaps in the domestic asset securitization risk assessment system. The same day, the well-known experts from the field of asset securitization and financial institutions, large and medium enterprises, hundreds of guests attended the forum. (end)相关的主题文章: