Hard decline! Analysts: $" to keep the pound fear; " the 1.40 mark FX168 hearing on Tuesday (February 23rd) the European market, the pound stabilized, significant developments on the British off the European discussion, against Sterling fell, a British Prime Minister Cameron as the biggest one-day decline in six years. The pound yesterday fell nearly 2%, more than for the ruling Conservative Party veteran to support off the European camp, raised expectations, June off the European referendum results will be very difficult to predict. "In the short term, I think it is difficult to pound toward 1.4250-1.4300 levels rise, but no one wants to buy dollars in the price," western union financial sales director Tobias Davis said. Derivatives market trends suggest that the outlook for the fall in sterling over the next six months is at least as high as the 2010 parliamentary elections. Traders say option prices continue to rise against the risk of sterling volatility. Karen Jones, a technology analyst at Commerzbank, says the pound has only a weak psychological support in 1.40 places. (GBP $$daily chart source: FX168 financial network) 19:34 Beijing time, GBP $1.410711. Proof: Star into [shares] discuss Sina Finance

难改颓势!分析师:英镑 美元恐"难守"1.40关口   FX168讯 周二(2月23日)欧市盘中,英镑回稳,上日有关英国脱欧讨论的重大发展,打击英镑大跌,创英国首相卡梅伦任职六年以来的单日最大跌幅。   英镑昨天重挫近2%,因多名执政党保守党资深人士转投向支持脱欧阵营,引发外界预期,6月脱欧公投结果将十分难以预测。   “短期来看,我认为英镑难以朝1.4250-1.4300水平回升,但没有人想要被迫在这些价位买入美元,”西联汇款的企业财务销售负责人Tobias Davis说。   衍生品市场走势暗示,对未来六个月英镑将下跌的看法达到了至少是2010年议会选举以来最盛。   交易员表示,对冲英镑波动风险的期权价格继续上涨。   德国商业银行的技术分析师Karen Jones称,英镑在1.40处仅有微弱心理支撑。   (英镑 美元日线图 来源:FX168财经网)   北京时间19:34,英镑 美元报1.4107 11。   校对:星晴 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: