Software Phishing is a dangerous threat that seems inconspicuous but renders severe consequences on its victims. Everyday these cyber criminals target innumerable online visitors and those who are not aware of their mode of operation be.e easy victims. These criminals know that you check your inbox and they send very ordinary emails that look like they have been sent by your banks or financial consultants. These emails contain more links or attachments provoking you to open them making you think the information are for your benefit. Unknowingly you open these links and you are directed to a fake website that looks exactly like your banks though it is not so in reality. Here they request you for confidential information like bank accounts, credit card details etc. If you fall for this trap and share your confidential data then you fall in the phishing fall rate category. If for some reason you do not fall for this trap, yet you visit the fake website and reveal your information you fall in the phishing fail rate category. In both circumstances you will end up losing your money. These phishing criminals have realized that the people are the weakest links in an organization. They exploit the weak links to make illegal gains. Thus they target bank customers and those who are associated with some financial institutions. The recent development is that they have expanded their network to the social networking sites too. This form of operation is called enterprise spear phishing where they target the people of an enterprise. This is a warning for you to tighten the security reins in your enterprise too. However you cannot be sure that your enterprise is .pletely secure because you have no idea about the awareness level that exists in your .anization. Some of your employees may know something about it while some may be totally ignorant. To help you out of this difficult situation the anti-phishing software provides you solutions that help check all phishing attacks effectively and ensure a safe environment. The software ensures that all the employees are on the same page regarding the awareness of phishing effects. It deploys an automated mock phishing attack on the employees to test their alertness and their level of readiness to implement corrective actions. It tracks the responses of your employees and after the test sends personalized emails to them with the analysis reports and suggestions on how to address the risks more effectively. If you want your business operation to continue without any major handicaps you need to implement robust and intelligent solutions for protection against phishing . This proactive step not only helps in preparing your personnel against daunting challenges but also saves your enterprise from unwarranted costs incurred to employ remedies after the attack. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: