TOYOTA, the company said on Wednesday it will recall 5 million 800 thousand of the world’s top 5 million 800 thousand vehicles, will be recalled by TOYOTA. The recall is mainly due to the use of a high field vehicle airbag and the potential danger. The world’s major auto makers because of the use of the high field of airbags, launched the largest recall in history. Under the pressure of the U.S. government, the major automobile manufacturers have to admit that there are hidden dangers. Because of the use of a chemical mixture, the high pressure booster pump is likely to explode once the temperature is high. At least 16 people have been killed in a global accident. The recall of TOYOTA models including the best-selling corolla series, as well as Vitz and Yaris Mini Compact hatchback series. The recalled vehicles were mainly produced from May 2000 to November 2001, and these vehicles were installed in the driver’s seat and the driver’s seat of the high field airbags. The recall involves a total of 1 million 160 thousand vehicles in Japan, the Chinese market, as well as the European market, the 1 million 470 thousand cars on the 820 thousand. In addition, the recall also spread to central and South America, Africa, the Middle East and Singapore, and Hilux pickup, Etios sedan and hatchback series. The recall also fully illustrates the complexity of some parts of the problem caused by large-scale recall. The recent recall of 20 thousand cars is also due to the installation of a high field booster pump, and the replacement of the components are also not included in the desiccant and easy to explode. Since the global transportation sector announced the recall plan in May, after testing, about 100 million cars were identified as a high field airbag. It is generally accepted that the world’s transport sector does not include a desiccant air bag booster pump is more dangerous, and require all car manufacturers to recall all the vehicles. The company is currently seeking support from all parties to help reduce the cost of the recall, and it is also actively negotiating with major auto companies to see if there is a better solution.相关的主题文章: