The Ministry of finance, promote the consumption of cosmetics return down high-grade cosmetics consumption tax rate or the State Administration of Taxation issued 30 notice, approved by the State Council, China since October 1st to adjust the cosmetics consumption tax policy, including ordinary beauty, cosmetic modification shall be exempted from the consumption tax, high-grade cosmetics consumption tax rate from 30% to 15%. Insiders pointed out that the adjustment of cosmetics consumption tax policy, an important step in the consumption tax reform of our country, aims to play a positive role of consumption tax adjustment of income distribution, and guide rational consumption on the one hand, on the other hand through the ordinary cosmetics consumption tax exemption and reduce high-grade cosmetics rate, help to reduce the burden on consumers. The Financial Strategy Research Institute China academy assistant dean Zhang Bin said, the adjustment of cosmetics consumption tax policy, following the 2006 China Daily Chemical Industry "the abolition of skin and hair care products and cosmetics in the field of tax after the big move, but also an important step in the consumption tax reform forward, reflects the consumption tax for high pollution and high consumption and high energy consuming products levy adjustment intention. At present, China’s consumption tax mainly for tobacco, wine, cosmetics, precious jewelry and jade jewelry, firecrackers, fireworks, oil products, automobile wheel, motorcycle, car, golf balls and equipment, high-grade watches, yachts, wooden disposable chopsticks, wood flooring and other taxes, at the beginning of 2015 to increase battery, paint consumption tax. Further adjust the scope of consumption tax levy, links, tax rates, the high energy consumption, high pollution products and some high-end consumer goods included in the scope of the collection, is the direction of the reform of the consumption tax. The biggest thing is to cancel the adjustment and modification of beauty cosmetics consumption tax, "cosmetics" tax name to high-end cosmetics, including high-end beauty, modified collection range of cosmetics, skin care cosmetics and high-end cosmetics sets, and a reduction in the tax rate. Zhang Bin said, "a long time" cosmetics "tax adjustment of high-end cosmetics, embodies the established principles to guide rational consumption of consumption tax. The adjustment so that ordinary cosmetics into daily consumer goods, help to reduce the tax burden on residents, the release of positive signals to encourage consumption. The economic research center of Shandong University of Finance Director Pan Mingxing said that in recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, shampoo, lipstick, nail polish and other cosmetics as daily consumer goods, the consumption tax policy has been adjusted, such as the 2006 on the abolition of consumption tax on skin care and hair care products. The clear exemption from the general cosmetics consumption tax on high-end cosmetics tax, reflecting the state’s regulatory intent, will undoubtedly further reduce the burden on consumers. In the two sector still clearly notice the collection of consumption tax, high-end beauty cosmetic modification and high-end skin care cosmetics threshold, namely production (import) sales price (tax payment) (excluding VAT) in 10 yuan / ml (g) or 15 yuan / piece (Zhang) and more beauty, modification cosmetics and skin care cosmetics. The reporter interviewed some of the cross-border electricity supplier domestic cosmetics manufacturers and sales of cosmetics to understand, this adjustment will help pull the consumption of cosmetics because of reflux, designated as the threshold price of high-end cosmetics is the reference price, will benefit a lot of relatively low price.相关的主题文章: