Careers-Employment The question "How to be.e a Physician Assistant?" is more and more popular these days as a result of the booming demand of Physician assistants in the health care system. It is regarded as one of the best, fastest-growing and one of the high-earning occupations in the United States. It has already got a plenty of media awareness and has been placed at the second position in the CNN 100 top career of 2010 in USA. According to the United States Department of Labor, the PA job will grow by 27% through the year 2016. For those who don’t have any idea about what is a Physician assistant and how to be.e one, let’s explain these topics. A Physician Assistant is a well qualified professional who works in a medical site under the direct administration of a surgeon. Physician assistants check and cure patients, write prescriptions, examine medical reports, and also order and study lab results. They cut down a doctor’s work by helping them in numerous medical procedures such as diagnosing and treating small ailments. Physician assistants are also trained to deal with miscellaneous clinical administrative duties like purchasing medical accessories, necessities, guiding and managing other employees in the clinic. They are a big aid to physicians as they save time which could be used to take care of various crucial medical emergencies. As we all know, we are experiencing a shortfall of physicians in our health care system. If we need to get any type of medical surgery done, there is a long waiting time as there are not ample doctors to serve patients. It takes a long time as well as a lot of studying (which not a lot of people go for) to be.e a physician. On the other hand, to be.e a PA one requires only two years of training. With this situation on hand, it is an obvious solution to bring on board more PAs to fix the problem in our health system. As we all know doctors couldn’t be replaced by PA .pletely, but the assistants could aid the doctors by performing same duties as them with the exception of serious situations. Now, the next important question is how to be.e a Physician Assistant ? There are many steps involved in a certified Physician Assistant and it needs a lot of preparation. Currently, there are over 150 Pa courses accredited by Accreditation Review .mission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA). These courses are provided by allied health schools, health schools, academic medical centers and colleges. Majority of the PA programs take two years to .plete and are offered at the Master’s level. This means you should have a Bachelor’s degree to apply for the program. There are many additional prerequisites to be eligible for the program. Most of the program requires a candidate to have courses .pleted in College Math, Biology, Humanities, English, Anatomy, Organic chemistry, Psychology and Sociology courses. Individual will also need to have some medical-related work experiences in professions like Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians or Registered Nurses. You might also need to write additional exams like GRE(Graduate Record Exam). If you are an international student, you might need to provide the results of TOEFL. Some courses will also need candidates to submit reference letters from their past employers or bosses. These prerequisites might differ from course to course. So, it’s re.mended to go through your program’s requirements in order to get more information on the prerequisites. There is one more step involved in order to work as a certified Physician Assistant. You will need to pass the Physician assistants National Certifying Examination(PANCE) to receive the national certification. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: