HUAWEI Mate 9 BNM full exposure: three versions of the optional drive home today, HUAWEI in Shanghai released their annual flagship Mate 9, its shape and configuration we have a certain understanding, the most concerned about is the price. Now, there are friends in the Post Bar today broke the news that HUAWEI will be released in Shanghai three flagship mobile phone, they are Mate 9, Mate 9 and Pro Mate 9 Porsche customized version, which has some differences with the foreign version has been unveiled. The first said Mate 9 Pro, the biggest difference with foreign mobile phone, the first Porsche replaced the HUAWEI Logo, then added two new gold and gray color, and obsidian black version is expected to be launched in February next year. In addition, equipped with double curved surface screen this new machine also has a plurality of selectable in the configuration, which are 4GB RAM+64GB ROM (only gray, silver and gold color), 6GB RAM+128GB ROM and 6GB RAM+256GB ROM (increased Heyao stone ceramic white black color), the price is 4599 yuan. It is worth mentioning that the Porsche Mate 9 version, but it is only 6GB RAM+256GB ROM storage combination, and defining Obsidian black color, price does not exceed 10 thousand yuan. As for yesterday’s exposure code LON-L29 new machine, it is not the identity of the rumors of the P10, but Mate 9 Porsche custom version.相关的主题文章: