I and my little story — a story of parent-child reading – the mother of The Magic Elephant Books Sohu WeChat, please pay attention to the public "as the Magic Book Museum": the so-called mofaxiang01 life surprise, is what we did not expect, but appeared, exciting things make us happy. This may be a surprise unexpected gift, may be a greeting may be contrary to expectation, an elaborate birthday but did not know the birthday party, may…… Is a author of two books. Understand the elephant home readers know a lot about Dad baby book. There are two stories about the exchange of roles between the son and the father, and the two picture books are the same. What we introduced yesterday Chris Di Giacomo, · · the elephant will introduce today is the two on the role of father and child swap story. My father went to the zoo last night has been very excited he said to me "I don’t want to go to bed so I tried to comfort him softly," dear little daddy today already very late. You should go to bed so that tomorrow will be full of energy to the zoo. "But I this naughty little dad one went to a different room to raise a hue and cry" no, no, and no, I don’t!" I tried to be serious and said to him, "come to me, I’ll tell you a story." So I have a tall, strong little father finished a story he looked with delicate and touching little eyes and I pleaded with the second "no way, who let him is my father!" The story after he was reluctant to go to bed and I said "no, we have to trust, today I the little father got into the quilt pretending to cry" come on, you are going to get it!" There is a little father who is not willing to sleep is really a headache is a headache is the second day early in the morning he woke me up to go to the zoo, "do not sleep!" "I’m going to the zoo!" I am so he was awakened by the sky clouds blowing all round bottles and dragonfly flowers swaying "I really want to sleep ah!" "But no matter little father he put me on his shoulders like a camel ran all the way to the gate of the zoo… Although…" I don’t want to, but to tell the truth, this is pretty interesting to the ticket booth I was not happy in front of a long row of the team from the conductor slowly to take you a small ticket dad gets impatient he dangling around as long as we entered the zoo will be staged a race each other "Dad, wait for me!" But no matter how I cry the little father "let not" ignore me because he was busy playing and animal! He poses imitate the penguin of the gorilla faces and then frighten the tortoise and I do not know the Flamingo, where he went well! Finally found him, do you know where he is, of course, where the ice cream to eat…相关的主题文章: